Saké Restaurant & Bar are constantly evolving when it comes to flavour and food presentation and their new menu is exceptional.

Situated on Eagle Street Pier, this multi award-winning Japanese retaurant is the first pick for many when it comes to high class Japanese cuisine.

Welcomed into the stylishly modern space, the new menu was laid down before us to sighs on contentment and delight. Who wouldn’t be excited when you know that freshly-shucked oysters, sashimi, barramundi, wagyu and scampi were in your immediate future?

The new menu being premiered is a beautifully balanced selection of flavours and after enjoying the six courses, the palate was alive and tingling.

Attended to by friendly but discreet wait staff, each meal was placed with ceremony before us and strategically matched with a glass of sake. The aromas that wafted around were delicate but delicious but was nothing compared to the actual food. Each new dish was explained in detail, the reasoning why certain elements were chosen and combined in a particular way and where some of the ingredients had been sourced from.

Beginning with a trio of fresh oysters with housemade salsas, each oyster slid quickly down but the burst of flavour stayed on the tongue. A long plate of tuna sashimi followed with five different ways of presenting the fish – some a little humorous but all delicious. Barramndi from Cone Bay was up next with sweet teriyaki, a leek wafer and jalapeno butter creating a party on the plate. The wagyu beef cheek was next with a 64C egg and charred tofu and noodles tied in a bow. The scampi was cooked in tempura, light, crunchy and golden and offset by a slight bite provided by the jalapeno slices. To finish, a mixed plate of sushi was a nod to the more mainstream elements of Japanese cuisine but nonetheless was executed exceptionally well.

Executive Chef Shaun Presland popped out at the start of each course, amiable and effusive, his voice indicative of the level of passion he holds for Japanese cuisine. Together with new Brisbane chef Daisuke Sakai, Presland has created a flawless array of aromatic and appealing meals, all plated up simply but with an artistic flair.

The new menu is available now. Saké Restaurant & Bar is located at Level 1/45 Eagle Street, Eagle Street Pier. For more information, check out our dining guide.