Want to learn more about how to make an amazing cup of coffee but don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch? Then the new Di Bella e-Learning coffee course, Crop To Cup, is perfect for you.

Almost everyone drinks it (and if you don’t, people think you’re slightly odd), so these days, many people regard themselves as coffee connoisseurs. But how much do you really know about coffee?

The team at Di Bella Coffee want to share their coffee knowledge with you, believing that everyone should know how their coffee is made and where the beans come from. Their Crop to Cup e-Learning program is designed to increase your coffee knowledge, whether you are a home coffee enthusiast or an aspiring barista, and will teach you all the elements that go into making the perfect cup of coffee.

We chatted to Marcel Mascunan from Di Bella Coffee to find out how it all works.

What is this Crop to Cup e-Learning system all about?

It is one of the most comprehensive online coffee trainings available as an online course. The system is composed by experienced coffee roasters and baristas with an objective to educate and share a passion for coffee.

Why take the education online?

The online course is convenient and can be taken at your own pace, no matter where you are. You can always refer back to the information from any device.

Can you learn about coffee as effectively online, rather than in person?

Certainly! The course will give you all the coffee information you need to be ready to create your own coffee experience. The course will not give you hands on experience with a coffee machine but in combination with training you can become a great barista.

Who is typically signing up and taking these courses?

Aspiring baristas, working baristas, home users, coffee enthusiasts and RTO students. The training a great differentiator in today’s competitive labour market.

What will people learn about coffee that they won’t already know?

It will provide a very comprehensive information source for all coffee-related topics. Whilst others focus on certain elements of coffee preparation, this course really takes you on a journey from crop to cup.

Costs? And what do people receive for that?

It costs $99.00 to gain access to the full online course and certificate of completion (and don’t forget – a lifetime appreciation for great coffee).

The Crop To Cup was designed by Phillip Di Bella and his team with the goal to educate coffee enthusiasts, prepare aspiring baristas and to share his passion for the ultimate coffee experience. Since coffee is one of the biggest industries in the world, his online classroom has an unlimited capacity and will connect you to other coffee lovers around the globe.

The actual course is very easy to navigate with a simple and easy-to-understand set up that has been designed to help you learn at your pace. Look out for coffee training videos and interesting info-graphics plus there is loads of relevant and up-to-date content (which is based on over 100 years of combined coffee industry knowledge)!

For more details or to book into the Crop To Cup course, click here.

Do you make your own coffee or leave it in the hands of your favourite barista? Let us know in the comments below!