Brisbane foodies get ready! As part of a new gourmet tour to be held in May you will be able taste some of the region’s best produce as well as learn from Chef Dominique Rizzo.

Taking place on Sunday May 17, the City to Country Tour will be facilitated by Brisbane chef Dominique Rizzo and South East Queensland’s Hampton Festival.

The tour guests will be treated to a dining experience at Dominique’s Putia Pure Food Kitchen before heading north for a farm tour and enjoying the Hampton Festival.

Chef Dominique Rizzo said the tour is a must-do for Brisbane foodies,

“Working in the food industry, I have seen a major shift towards the paddock to plate style of cooking.

“Guests on this tour will be able to see, taste and experience first hand where their food is grown and how it is being utilised.

She explains that the guest will have enviable access to the food and those who grow it.

“The Hampton region is a treasure trove of great fresh produce so to be able to speak first hand with local growers, sample their food and then see it put to great use at the Festival is a pretty special experience.”

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