Success often breeds success. Such is the case with Black Hide Steakhouse, the Gambaros’ foray into beef, already considered the best steak restaurant in Brisbane.

Situated on the opposite side of the road from Gambaro Seafood Restaurant in the middle of Caxton Street, Black Hide Steakhouse is discreetly welcoming. Once inside, it’s all dark wood, sleek minimal furnishings and crisp white linen.

Committed to delivering an out-of-this-world culinary experience, attention to detail in all areas is obvious. Head chef of the Gambaro Group, Lukas McEwan, works between both restaurants and his touch is apparent throughout the menus. He brings a fresh direction to the food genre, and a progressive approach to the presentation. Utilising his years of experience at Rockpool Bar and Grill in Sydney, his passion is clear and knowledge apparent and he chooses to use a simple approach to let the produce shine.

The focus is obviously on the steak and you can choose from prime organic, Wagyu and Angus steak cuts, all exclusive to Black Hide (and all 100 per cent halal certified). How do you prefer your meat cooked? Your chosen cut will be cooked to your liking using the authentic Montague Broiler Grill (which is a high intensity, high-speed cooking method that very few restaurants can afford to use). Black Hide boasts the largest selection of prime beef cuts, not to mention the assortment of sides that accompany each meal. The real difficulty comes in trying to narrow it down to a reasonable number.

Make sure you sample the Tomahawk Steak, an enormous 1.2kg of delicious, perfectly-cooked beef. It’s Angus breed, grain-fed and wet-aged up to 120 days, with a marble score of 3+ and it is delightfully tender and flavoursome.

The menu also offers exquisite-sounding entrees and mains including seafood and pork. With steak being the focus, other options are quite limited and vegetarians may struggle. Desserts sound fresh and interesting but the selection again is short. The logic at Black Hide may be that after indulging in such amazing steak, perhaps there won’t be much room for sweets afterwards?

How do Black Hide confidently promise such exception steak on every visit? Because Black Hide has established an exclusive partnership with Stanbroke – the world’s largest, vertically-integrated, privately-owned beef company, so you can be assured you will dine on beef that is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness and flavour. From paddock to plate, Stanbroke retain full ownership and control of the entire beef production process.

Unsurprisingly, Black Hide Steakhouse has a swag of awards under its belt already, including wins for National Steak Restaurant 2014 and QLD Steak Restaurant 2014 at the Restaurant & Catering Awards.

Both Gambaro and Black Hide are still owned and operated by members of the Gambaro family and there is a long-time loyalty from many diners. When you have experienced the service, seafood and now steak, it’s easy to see why people keep coming back.

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Black Hide Steakhouse is located at 36 Caxton Street, Brisbane and is open Tuesday to Saturday. For more information, check out our dining guide.

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