Here’s a gift for someone you’re really trying to impress — the world’s most extravagant Easter Bunny can now be purchased for a measly A$62,000.

You can blame our exchange rate for that high price, by the way — in the US, the bunny will only set you back $49,000, an entirely reasonable sum.

The Huffington Post reports that Martin Chiffers, former chef décor of Harrods, put aside two days to carve the bunny (which, let’s be real here, looks more evil than cute). It’s made of Tanzanian chocolate and weighs five kilograms.

The bunny’s eyes are encrusted with diamonds from luxury jewellery retailer 77 Diamonds — because, yeah, sure, why not — and it comes with three chocolate eggs decorated with gold leaf.

For the calorie-conscious, good news — there are just 548,000 calories in the world’s most extravagant Easter bunny.

OK, so that’s not good news, but look at it this way. It’s not like anybody can actually afford this thing, and if they can, they can probably also afford a personal trainer to get them back into shape afterwards.

If you don’t think you can get through $63,000 worth of chocolate on Easter Sunday, don’t worry. The bunny can be stored for up to two years, if properly frozen.


The bunny is being produced by VeryFirstTo, who have previously released the world’s most expensive gingerbread house, the most expensive Christmas pudding, and a casual $100,000 Valentine’s Day dinner. So, you know, they’ve really got the common man’s interests at heart.

It kind of makes that giant block of chocolate from Costco look pretty average, doesn’t it?

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