Live in New Farm and looking for a new local? Get yourself to The Gettin’ Place for good coffee, tasty food and friendly faces.

Sandwiched sweetly between two buildings sitting high on a small rise on James Street, The Gettin’ Place is adorably small and looks like it has appeared out of a fairytale.

Cosy and inviting, The Gettin’ Place has cute tables and chairs set out on the street front, an indoor area and a beautiful courtyard space out the back. The menu is simple, short and full of sumptuous light meals and snacks. Their coffee comes courtesy of Toby’s Estate and they also stock cold-pressed juices.

Already a massive hit with the locals and open every day of the week, The Gettin’ Place looks like the place to be.

Owner Carmela Stahlman has long held the dream of opening and owning her own cafe, so together with her husband Bo, they’ve finally taken the plunge and jumped in headfirst.

“Since growing up in a hospitality-driven family and my parents being long-time restauranteurs, all my three siblings and I worked from an early age. After my husband and I had our son Cheech in mid 2013, I wanted to take a couple of years off to be a mum, with plans of opening our own place after that. As fate would have it, the ideal place came up via a friend and we couldn’t say no.”

So Carmela put her dream of being a stay-at-home mum on hold and focused on setting up her new cafe.

Many customers have commented on the name and how much they like it. She laughs and explains, “The Gettin’ Place is from a line in a Coen Brothers film [No Country For Old Men]. My husband Bo suggested it in passing and it just seemed perfect! The only place to get all the things you could possibly need.”

The menu is simple and Carmela designed it with a few fresh ingredients in mind. For Carmela and Bo, affordability is essential and “our point of difference is always evolving. So far everything on the menu sells equally and I plan to adjust it according to the seasons. Living in a time when almost everyone posts Instagram snaps of their meals, all our staff know the importance I place on the food not only tasting great, but looking fantastic, too.”

Officially opening last November, the cafe has quietly been growing its reputation and increasing its trade. The response from the locals has been overwhelming and more and more people are making the effort to come from outer suburbs to check the place out.

“Having the primary school across the road has also been great,” Carmela adds, “and we make sure we cater to having kids around and getting coffee to the caffeine-starved parents during the week!”

Carmela is relishing the challenge of running her own cafe but acknowledges “it can be absolutely exhausting and stressful. But when I’m here, I go into hospitality-mode, and besides being at home there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.”

Even though the cafe is humming along nicely at the moment, Carmela has plans to expand. “We have a little area at the front of the cafe that I want to allocate to local craft artisans to sell their wares. It’s still developing but I know, as a part time artist myself, how hard it is to get motivated to make art and crafts. So hopefully with an incentive to sell some things, we can help some people out.”

The Gettin’ Place also rents out the walls of the cafe to artists to showcase and sell their work with the art on rotation, changing about every four to six weeks. The next artist up on the walls is Lisa Dottore from Melbourne with her exhibition Honourable Harlots, a collection of quirky and cool portraits.

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The Gettin’ Place can be found at 2/145 James Street, New Farm and is open seven days a week. For more information, check out our dining guide.

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