Knock back a few coldies with like-minded enthusiasts whilst celebrating Brisbane’s blossoming craft beer identity.

From craft enthusiasts to distributors, and brewers to bloggers, the shared passion for quality beer is playing a role in bringing together all walks of life in Brisbane this March.

Brewsvegas is an entire festival dedicated to providing exposure for grass roots brewers and venues of our community, as well as Brisbane’s burgeoning craft beer culture with their motto, “Your bars, your beer.”

Kicking off this Saturday at Wandering Cooks, sample some quality craft beer from local breweries and a smorgasbord of cuisine from the featured food trucks. Meet and greet with the local brewers and participate in a variety of games and competitions.

The festival will run for a week, touring various craft-beer speciality establishments around Brisbane including Brisbane Brewing Co., Shady Palms, Statler & Waldorf, Newstead Brewing, The Scratch, Archive, and many, many more. As a fully non-for-profit organisation, Brewsvegas’ team hail from some of Brisbane’s both largest and smallest craft beer venues.

Local Brisbane brewers James Richards and Lex Hyde of Duck & Cover Brewing Co., discuss just how beneficial the exposure from Brewsvegas can be for their business.

“Brewsvegas is a great opportunity for everyone in the Brisbane craft community to come together and sample new beers and venues. For us it’s a great chance to get some of our beers on tap, and to meet people who come along and try them,” says Lex.

Duck & Cover Brewing Co. (brewed under license of Newstead Brewing Co.) will feature two of their crafts at Tomahawk Bar on Thursday the 26th, and Friday the 27th at Newstead Brewing Co.

To check out the full schedule of events visit the Brewsvegas website, and for more info check out our Event Guide listing.