The laid-back brother to Beccofino in Teneriffe, Julius Pizzeria brings beautiful Italian dining to South Bank.

Taking everything they’ve learnt from opening and operating Beccofino, Cordell Khoury and Paolo Biscaro have joined forces with Aleks Dzajkovski and head chef Anthony Nicastro to bring Brisbane another quality Italian eatery.

Julius Pizzeria can be found on the newly-refurbished Fish Lane which is located at the William-Jolly-Bridge end of South Bank, directly opposite the museum. The welcoming rustic brick exterior is balanced by the modern interiors which are dark, slick and minimal. Pendant bulbs hang from the high ceilings and most of the finishes are industrial steel making Julius feel right on trend but also a little timeless. The main feature of the space is the open kitchen that lines one side of the restaurant and centres around an enormous custom-built Stefano Ferrara oven (shipped over from Naples) which has Julius tiled on the rounded front.

With multiple entrances, Julius has an open feel and the spaces flow into one another beautifully. If you enter from the laneway rather than the main road, you will be greeted by an impressive-looking bar which features high shelving filled with bright red Aperol bottles and a busy bartender. Tables are small and intimate which may have posed a problem for the oversized pizza plates but the restaurant gets around this but utilising metal plate stands. And who doesn’t enjoy having a tower of food in front of them?

The menu is large and broken up into multiple sections and the kitchen usually offers at least two specials every day, plus a selection of carefully-selected wine specials. Customers are clambering for dishes like the duck and tomato ragu pappardelle which has been one of the most popular items on the menu.

Open for almost three months now, Julius Pizzeria serves up delicious food six days a week but doesn’t take bookings (except for a pre-show sitting at 6pm). For more information, check out our dining guide.

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