Known internationally for their iconic and inimitable fashion line, Black Milk have expanded and opened up their very first cafe / concept space in Newstead.

Black Milk HQ welcomes you in with a huge high entrance, a friendly sign letting you know that they are open and a long expanse of wall that showcases the work of a local artist.

Part cafe, part concept retail space, all parts cool and cutting edge, the Black Milk team have opened up their headquarters and invited you in.

Not all the way in as behind the oversized, pop-art-covered double doors at the rear of the space, is the huge, happily-humming team of creatives that keep the Blackmilk juggernaut moving. The teams for social media, marketing, graphic design, IT, HR, customer service and packaging/ shipping are all located in this same building (although this will be changing soon as the warehouse can no longer house all the stock) and the space is like a younger, more creative Google office. But if you’re just stopping in for a coffee, sweet treat or to try on some fashionable wares, you won’t get to be privy to this part of the company.

So back to what is on offer to the general public — food and drink plus fashion and art. And isn’t that really all a person needs in life?

Black Milk HQ certainly think so, keeping it all very simple and streamlined with coffee (hot and cold-pressed), teas, cold-pressed juices and freshly-made smoothies available. There’s also a selection of delectable mini treats including chocolate brownies, Middle Eastern orange cakes, biscuits, slices, fruit toast and croissants.

You can wander around while you wait, admiring the enormous murals, graffiti, and a strip of colourful art that runs the length of an entire wall. The stylistic elements are a mash-up of quirky and minimal, cartoon touches mixed with industrial accents — and it exactly communicates the Black Milk aesthetic.

There are movable racks made from metal and pine that display lines of clothing, made from nylon lycra and featuring their trademarked prints and designs.

The entire space feels friendly and fun and the staff are attentive and eager to help. So if you’re looking for a chilled-out place to drop in, have a latte and look at cool clothing and art – this is the perfect choice.

Blackmilk HQ is located at 62 Commercial Road, Newstead and is open Monday-Saturday from 6.00am-3pm. For more information, head to our dining guide.

Are you a Blackmilk fan? Do you like the idea of being able to buy a coffee and a new outfit at the same time? Let us know in the comments below.