To launch A Taste of Harmony in Brisbane, there will be a Food Truck Festival at King George Square. Did anyone say ‘YUM’!

Even though you don’t need a reason to get a collection of food trucks together, there is one this time.

It’s to launch A Taste Of Harmony 2015, an event held in workplaces all over Australia between March 16-22 to celebrate Australia‚Äôs cultural diversity, and everyone is invited to participate and get involved.

It’s a delicious way to connect and get to know the people in your workplace and last year over 350,000 Australians from 4,100 workplaces all stopped and supped together. The concept is simple – sit down and share a meal and stories of your cultural background with your fellow colleagues. Food plus fun conversation – what is there not to like about this?

All you need to do is register, set a date (between March 16-22) and ask your workplace pals to bring a dish representing their cultural background, a favourite meal and perhaps even a dish that they have never tried before. When you register, you will receive an exclusive e-book with recipes from the celebrity chefs who are part of A Taste Of Harmony 2015.

The Food Truck Festival will get the party started, so if you’re in the city (and even if you’re not, this warrants an excursion there), head to King George Square on Wednesday February 11 between 12-2pm. Come along and sample the delicious offerings from local favourites That BBQ Joint, The Bun Mobile, King of the Wings, Oi Taco and Vira Lata.

Wander between the trucks, taste anything that takes your fancy and if you feel inclined, register for the main event.

A Taste Of Harmony 2015 runs between March 16-22. For more information about the Food Truck Festival, click on our event guide listing. To register, head to A Taste Of Harmony.