You’ve heard of a sundae, you’ve heard of a croissant and I’m sure you’ve heard about donuts. But what you may not have heard about is the unique, mouth-wateringly spectacular combination of all three that is the SunCroDoe.

Confused? Dazed? Intrigued? Excited?

So was I.

The SunCroDoe was invented by Chocolate Komberry Co, a company run out of a humble food truck located at Eat Street Markets in Hamilton.

“I’ve always loved unique foods,” says Chocolate Komberry Co founder Leigh Devlin. “Traditional ‘carnies’ selling ‘same old’ foods are a thing of the past. People expect something new, exciting and delicious. Digital media has changed everything. People are now exposed to emerging food trends from around the world.

“People expect and deserve to be enlightened with what they eat. If they’ve tried it before, seen it before, heard of it before, then it’s in the past. Digital media ensures that people move fast… those of us selling food have to move with it. Thankfully I love the fast paced challenge of what we do. Every week I’m challenged to create something different. The reaction of my customers is what makes it all worthwhile.”

Premium gelato from the Shlix Family in Brisbane is used to create the SunCroDoes. The Chocolate Komberry team bake a special batch of ‘bambino’cronuts (half croissant/ half donut) to place atop the gelato, and then ‘inject’ it with flavour.

“Making cronuts is a three day process that results in a decadent pastry experience unlike anything else,” Leigh says. “We then flavour the cronuts  using only the finest ingredients. We always use a chocolate base. That’s REAL chocolate, not chocolate flavoured ‘stuff’ like the international donut brands. That stuff is cheap, nasty and incredibly bad for you. Finally, we decorate the whole thing with freshly whipped cream and our signature ‘injectable’ (a medicinal syringe filled with house made sweet sauce). Food is supposed to be fun, and injecting your Suncrodoe is intended to be just that — fun!”

Taking their innovations to the next level, Leigh and the team at Chocolate Komberry Co have recently introduced the Milky Bun.

“It is premium gelato sealed within a warm donut bun using a special heat press. The combination of hot and cold is so simple yet incredible and amazing. There’s plenty of people ‘sandwiching’ ice cream in between foods. The difference with our Milky Buns is how we ‘seal’ the gelato inside the pastry. The gelato remains firm within the warm sweet bun without melting or leaking. It’s a must try.”

And the innovation doesn’t stop there.

“We’re now counting down to the release of ‘Cruffins’ (half Croissant / half Muffin) — 2015 is the year of the hybrid food and this is no exception!”

Chocolate Komberry Co got its start in 2011 when Leigh decided to take his love of VWs to the next level. He poured money and two whole years into restoring five Kombi vans, and his risk has paid off with a loyal and strong following in the Queensland food truck scene.

Aiming to give their customers a unique experience every week, their menu is on constant rotation. But don’t worry — the more popular flavours are brought back more often.

“It is entirely about what customers tell us they want,” Leigh says.

Everything on the Chocolate Komberry Co menu is under $10, so there’s no reason not to try one of their decadent and exciting desserts. “Enjoying our foods needs to be for everyone,” Leigh says.

This week’s Suncrodoe flavour is Rock Salt Caramel Popcorn, so head down to Eat Street Markets this Friday 6 February to check it out.

You can also visit the Chocolate Komberry Co. on Facebook to keep up with all their delicious developments.