The launch of a new coffee shop, My Mistress at Clayfield, got me thinking about what a difference a good name can make to a business.

“I’m going to My Mistress.” These are not the words you might expect to hear from your partner as he or she walks out the door in the morning.

It’s a statement that requires a few words of explanation before you leave or you might not be coming back!

On the up side, this is a coffee shop name no one is going to forget quickly and in a crowded market place a name that sticks out from the crowd, in a good way, is an asset.

The owners of new My Mistress at Clayfield, Natalie Vostok and Rhiannon Redmond, have really worked the theme into the menu. Headings such as Cheeky Fling describe quick breakfast options including Leavain toast with jam and toasted banana bread and On The Side covers extras such as bacon and avocado.

You can also choose from Eggs Marilyn (fried eggs with smoked ham and creamy hollandaise) or Eggs Monica (scrambled with a zuchinni fritter and blistered cherry tomatoes).  I’ll leave it to you to work out why they are named that way.

Under the heading Main Affair are gems such as Morning Glory (smoked bacon and egg bagel), Sweet Thang (French toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup) and Head Mistress (spicy beans with baked eggs, sour cream and cheesy bread). You’ll be laughing your way all through breakfast!

Everyone one needs a little harmless fun and with the right frame of mind it’s easy to have some at My Mistress. You’ll find this gem at 512 Sandgate Road, Clayfield.

Rhiannon Redmond also owns another coffee shop close by in an industrial area of Albion with the interesting name of She Bangs Coffee. Other Brisbane coffee shops with stand out names include Coffee Thyme at Thornlands and The Single Guys at Kenmore. Surely there are more great ones out there, and I’m hoping you can help me find them.

Although it’s often hard to find a good coffee in the United States, they do have some great coffee shop names — Aesop’s Tables, Brewed Awakening, Café Grumpy and The Steam Room.

What’s your favourite coffee shop name?