No one needs to be convinced that doughnuts are delicious. But you might not realise that doughnuts are good for you.

OK, so that was an outright lie, but don’t we wish it was true? But all good things in moderation — unless we’re talking about a salted caramel doughnut, one of the new flavours that will be on offer at Doughnut Time when it opens sometime in late January.

Hospitality entrepreneur Damian Griffiths recognised the universal appeal of the humble doughnut and decided it was time that Brisbane had access to the very best. Griffiths has been doing a lot of research to develop the flavours off the back of a recent trip overseas and exploring the trend across the United States (sounds like a terrible job, doesn’t it?) and has come back with lots of ideas and new flavour combinations.

“There’s a store in New York that makes a foie gras and jam-filled doughnut, and a place in Singapore that fills them with wasabi and cheese,” Griffiths says. “There’s even a shop in the Northern California that tops their doughnuts with crickets and mealworms for those who can stomach it.”

These might be a tad too exotic for most, so Damian listened to the local doughnut lovers, who have been getting involved in shaping the menu, suggesting their favourite flavours on Doughnut Time’s Instagram and Facebook page. No flavour is too outrageous and you still have time to add your own preferences.

When asked why he thinks people love doughnuts, Damian replies, “Structurally, they’re the mature sibling of the cupcake — they hold together well and they are easy to eat on the fly. Doughnuts seem to really resonate with everyone – I think it taps into a need for indulgence and a nostalgia for these childhood treats, but when it’s done in a fun and interesting way that’s even more exciting. We seek the comfort of simpler things. And what’s simpler than a doughnut?”

So what makes Doughnut Time doughnuts different? “We’re experimenting with some really interesting and creative flavours for our yeast- based doughnut. And look out for our Rainbow Nerds for an extra taste of nostalgia, and our Maple and Bacon which we’ve been getting a lot of love for on social media!”

His personal recommendations for which doughnuts you simply must try? “I think our Salted Caramel and Popcorn doughnut will be a hit, along with the Raspberries and Cream. Everyone loves a traditional plain glazed doughnut as well.”

Located in the alcove out the front of Alfredo’s Pizzeria on Alfred Street, the one-man doughnut stand is in the final stages of launch and people swear they can smell the tantalising aroma of baking doughnuts already. But does he think Brisbane is ready for Doughnut Time? “If we made it through the hail, a few doughnuts will go down just fine.”

When it does finally throw open its doors, Doughnut Time will be open and offering baked sweet treats seven days a week from morning to night. The glazed and cream-filled delights will also be delivered straight to your door if you live or work in Fortitude Valley or the CBD. Damian promises that “the flavours and combinations will blow your mind”…

Doughnut Time will be open by late January and the hole-in-the-wall is located at 39 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley.