Take a bite out of Brisbane’s new chocolate salon, Koko Black.

As Koko Black so rightly points out, chocolate has the power to invoke feelings of love, lust and creativity.

Joanne Harris, who wrote Chocolat, captured the romance and mystery of chocolate and how our combined senses will always fail to resist it.  Roald Dahl, who penned Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, wrote about it because it fed his insatiable imagination. What other food could feature in plots like these?

Regognising the power of chocolate is how Koko Black began, and now the southern sensation has found its way to Brisbane, with a salon opening in Indooroopilly.

The Koko Black journey began in 2001 when founder Shane Hills set off to discover the essence of chocolate, which he felt was not being fully expressed. Shane travelled to Solingen in Germany to learn the art of chocolate making from the bean and more, and then onto Bruges in Belgium where he was introduced to Dries Cnockaert, a very passionate and talented chocolatier.

Inspired by Shane’s dream and with his own desire for adventure, Dries moved to Melbourne to help create their chocolate signature. With salons already taking up residence in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra, it was about time Brisbane got a piece of the action.

Koko Black has a lot offer in the way of chocolate treats, but the question you have to ask yourself is, just how resilient is your sweet tooth?

On the menu at the salon are milk and dark chocolate bars with flavours of almond and orange hazelnut, caramelised cocoa macadamia, cranberry and cherry. You can also sink your teeth into Sandpiper Roasted Hazelnuts or  Sandpiper Dark Chocolate Orange Quarter, along with a host of other chocolaty specialties.

It’s also the perfect place to pick up gifts for friends — just make sure you indulge your own desires first.

You’ll find Koko Black at Shop 2132, Level 2, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.