What will be your menu choices in 2015? Which food trends are on the rise and which are ready to fade away?

I’m getting out my crystal ball and predicting which food trends will delight and dismay you in 2015.

  • Staying strong is our love of all things American, with an ever widening choice of American-themed eateries.
  • Chefs are continuing to abandon fine dining to open casual style eateries and who can blame them?  That’s where we all want to eat nowadays with sharing plates rather than single meals.
  • We’ve had cupcakes, whoopie cakes, macarons and cronuts but the big star in the sweet treats will be a dooughnut revival.
  • I may be ahead of the pack here, but I can see that the juice trend is reaching saturation point.
  • More healthy and local on the menu with provenance.

Here’s five more trends on the 2015 drawing board:

Bye bye, kale

This is a wish and a hope more than a prediction as kale seems to have permeated food on multiple levels from juices to chips and pre-made meals.  I’m over it, not because of the flavour but I just want more choice. There’s a prediction that cauliflower is the next hot vegetable and that’s okay, at least it’s a different colour. Ugly root vegetables, such as celeriac, are also tipped to be hot.

Seaweed sweeps in

It’s healthy, it’s sustainable and it’s coming to a menu near you. As a fan of the nori roll, I don’t mind the odd bit of seaweed but having suffered through a whisky cocktail dinner where seaweed was in nearly every dish and even some of the drinks, I can see potential for overkill.

Oyster love

This is a prediction I really do like. We grow a great diversity of oysters in Australia from rich and creamy to small and salty. If you’ve never tried to taste the difference between varieties, head down to Reef Seafood at Gasworks and choose a selection from their cabinet. Expect to see more on the menu with a wide range of treatments from granitas to lemongrass and chorizo butter. There’s talk of a new game – ‘merroir’, where diners try to guess the provenance of their oysters much like wine. I’d rather just eat them.

Smokin’ hot

There’s been an increase in smoking techniques but you’re only going to see more as people go outside the square.  Think smoked honey – yes, you can get it right here in Brisbane.

Insect invasion

This definitely does not tick any of my boxes but it’s certainly coming. Sustainable, low cost, and high in nutrition, insects are the way of the future. I only wish they tasted better.

Which food trends do you think are going to be big in 2015? Have your say in the comments below!