Jahh Tiger Rum and Jerk Shack has popped up in Milton, offering a slew of specially brewed cocktails and beers along with a range of marinated treats that will blow your mind.

Nestled away on Milton’s trendy Park Road sits Jahh Tiger Rum and Jerk Shack, and it’s every bit as spicy as the name suggests.

When plotting out the funky Jamaican inspired venue owner Lucy Forsyth really did her research, embarking on a road trip across the country and mixing it up with the locals while also convincing them to part with secret recipes.

“My husband and I traveled through Jamaica last year, we just rented a car and drove around ourselves. Which you’re not really supposed to do,” she laughed. “What so many people do is they go to these big resorts, where they are away from all the people and all the culture, they even lock the gates at night. We didn’t want to do that so we went off on our own.

“We saw everything, and spent time in places like Kingston and Boston Bay. The food was amazing.”

It was in Boston Bay that Lucy met Miss Ivy, holder and protector of the delicious secret recipe for the dry-rub we call ‘jerk’. After persuading the lady in question to part with the recipe, Lucy booze-burger-and-drinksmuggled it back into Australia and now has her kitchen whip up the tasty jerk by following Miss Ivy’s directions.

Jerk is the base of the Jahh Tiger marinades and all the venue’s protein food offerings are bathed in the tasty secret recipe.¬† If you would like them to turn up the heat, you can choose from one of the other jerk sauce options, Original Boston Bay,¬†Calypso or Kingston Kicker. The last one is hot, hot, hot and not for the faint of heart.

If you’re looking for something filling you can choose from the ‘bun’ section of the menu. The Portmore Piggy is a pulled Jerk pork sandwich on a sourdough roll with Jamaican slaw, while the Caribbean style chicken bun comes with fried spiced chicken, mango salsa and chipotle mayo.

The most popular item from the buntastic side of the menu is, however, the Boston Bay Beef Burger. It comes with Jamaican beer onions, cheese, greens and a spiced rum BBQ sauce that has compelled staff to nickname it ‘the booze burger’.

Drinks are a plenty at Jahh Tiger with wine, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, coffee and tea all on the menu. However, the real action happens in the cocktail section of the menu so we suggest you head there first. From original cocktail creations like the the Jahh Colada and the Java Head, to the Jahh Tiger originally brewed beers, there’s no shortage of options to quench your thirst.

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