We think it’s coming back, that old-fashioned but practical tradition of giving a Christmas Hamper, and we’re excited. So instead of sticking to the traditional options and offering a pack of predictable items, why not step outside the norm and pack a hamper of modern, artisan or bespoke goodies?

For those people on your gift list who love good food, enjoy a drink and appreciate the finer things in life, a Christmas Hamper could be the ideal present. It also shows how much you care, as the time and preparation that is required to create a hamper is sizeable. It takes consideration and thinking outside the box to ensure a hamper that hits the spot with whomever you create it for. Getting the right combination of sweet, spicy, nostalgic and novel treats for someone can be daunting, especially with so many options to choose from — but just remember to keep it simple, choose high quality items and include things that will be appreciated by the recipient.

Here’s how you can create a Christmas Hamper that stands out from the rest.

1. Choose your basket carefully.

The basket is the first and most fundamental aspect of a hamper, and the size and depth of the basket itself will determine how much you can pop in and also what types of items will actually fit in. It is also probably one of the main parts that can be resused, so it a practical gift in itself. So pick a basket that not only looks lovely, but also can fit a good amount of stuff, has handles that are comfortable to hold and has adequate depth so items don’t accidentally fall out.

You don’t have to stick to the traditional wicker basket, either. Choose anything that has some depth, can hold multiple items and looks good. Pick quirkier baskets, oversized bowls or even adapt containers that are typically utilised for storage. Then fill it with hay for a more rustic feel, shredded tissue paper, Christmas decorations or even fake turf.

2. Pick products that will surprise and delight.

Include the usual suspects, of course, but also push the boundaries a little. What about hand-blended liqueurs, unique nut oils for salad dressings, unusual flavours in jams, pickles or relishes and local artisan teas and coffee beans?

Our favourite inclusions

  • Gourmet crackers for cheese or dips
  • Homemade jams
  • Unusual and medicinal herbal teas
  • A small bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Handmade relishes and pickles
  • Champagne
  • International liqueurs
  • A beautiful bespoke Christmas decoration that can be kept and handed down for generations
  • Mini plum puddings
  • Candy canes, tied in a small bunch
  • Raw Chilli Chocolate
  • Your own personal Christmas tradition that you always make (ie rumballs, White Christmas, fruit mince pies). If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry — traditions have to start somewhere, right?

Something extra

  • A recipe book that relates to their favourite foods
  • Mini speakers that are lightweight and inexpensive
  • 2 x champagne glasses (or glasses that are appropriate for the alcohol you included)
  • Festive mug (the ugliest you can find — this is strictly for comedic purposes)

3. Finish strong

With a beautiful basket (or other type of container) that is now filled with delicious and delectable goodies, the last step is to make it present-ready. The classic way is to wrap the entire basket in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. But there are always alternatives — find something that suits the vibe of your hamper! If you’ve created a rustic-looking basket, choose twine and brown paper to wrap and finish. If you have to travel with the hamper, make sure everything is secured and well-placed in the basket.

4. Don’t be a Hamper elitist

A Hamper can be the easiest way to give a gift to someone that is typically hard to buy for, and it’s an excellent alternative to gift cards or generic presents that you might give to your boss or neighbours. Oh, and isn’t a pet-focused hamper an awesome idea? Imagine the look in your dog’s eyes when they spy a basket full of canine treats?

So if you’re looking for something different to give this Christmas, perhaps it’s time to make your own customised Christmas Hamper.

What do you think? Have we forgotten any crucial elements when creating a Christmas Hamper? Leave a comment below and tell us what you include in your hampers!