You don’t have to eat a whole cow by yourself, but Conscious Consumption, which takes place on Saturday December 6, will make you think about local produce and sustainable food consumption while you tuck into some great food.

If you are interested in sustainable, locally-sourced, ethical food, Conscious Consumption at Wandering Cooks in Fish Lane, South Brisbane is your event.

Stars of the day will be two Braham-style Angus cows that have been fed on spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process at regional brewery Stone & Wood. We don’t often talk about animals before we eat them but that’s exactly what this day is all about. Conscious Consumption is designed around acknowledging where meat comes from, how it was produced, how sustainable that production is and using every part of the animal to create delicious food so nothing is wasted.

I agree with those who believe that if an animal lives well and dies well to provide food with little or no wastage, then we are on to a good thing.

The cows supplied for Conscious Consumption have been living a happy life feasting on spent grain, a by-product of Stone & Wood’s brewing process. As a part of their Ingrained Community Program, Stone & Wood have been working with OzHarvest and Slow Food Brisbane to organise the event.

“Conscious Consumption aims to show punters that different cuts can be used for a variety of dishes,” says Stone & Wood brewer Zach Wright.

I’m fine with different cuts of meat as these are often more tender and flavoursome but I still can’t bring myself to eat offal, even when heavily disguised.

Stone & Wood representative Jasmin Daly and Slow Food Brisbane representative Sara Bologna explained what the event it all about.

Where did the idea for the Conscious Consumption come from?

The idea has been in the pipeline for some time as Stone and Wood has always thought how awesome it would be to continue the cycle of the byproduct of our brewing process (which is waste) being used as a treat for local cattle. So helping to feed and nourish them and to use the meat to celebrate local produce while raising awareness about food production at an event. At Stone & Wood, we are increasingly looking at how we can be a sustainable business and benefit our communities, so to be able to put this on is an epic way for us to finish off the year.

Who are the ten producers making the dishes? 

The producers making the cow-based dishes include Hinterland Feijoa, The Farm, Ugly Food and Co., Cut To Taste, GG Gourmet, Boiling Pot, KOMA Sliders, Siguenos, Live Free Gluten Free and Char Baby. Each producer has requested a different part of the cow, from the offal, tail and shin, to the ribs, sirloin steaks and chuck. QAGOMA Executive Chef Josue Lopez will be behind the barbecue. And of course a feast isn’t a feast without beverages and dessert so Bee One Third, 31 Degrees Custom Chocolate, Wicked Juices, Clovely Wines, Stone & Wood, The Beansmith, Beuxdesserts and OzHarvest are also contributing.

How much of the two cows will be used?

All of the meat from the cows will be used, including the offal, tongue and tail.

What happens to the leftover food from the day?
Leftover food on Saturday will be taken by OzHarvest to give to charities in the local area who are in need.

Who is involved in Slow food in Brisbane?

Slow Food Brisbane is part of a global network operating in 170 countries. Brisbane’s local group has around 100 members including producers, farmers, nutritionists, chefs, food lovers, students, researchers, and the list goes on.

How do people join Slow Food?

People can find out more information about joining Slow Food on the website.

The first Brisbane event will be held at Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane South Brisbane on Decemeber 6 from 11am-3pm. Entry to Conscious Consumption is free and plates are priced at $5 for small, $10 for large or $40 for a degustation of 10 small plates. For more details, click on our event guide listing.