Now when you’re listening to the coolest bands playing live, you can also be munching on a delicious gourmet Howzat Burger. Head to new music venue The Triffid and get yourself to their beer garden ASAP.

Developed primarily by musician John Collins (ex Powderfinger) and located in one of Newstead’s historic WWII hangars, The Triffid already has much that appeals. Add to that the man with the magic cooking skills, Phillip Johnson and his Howzat Burgers, and the venue is practically perfect.

Catering to both the fine dining market and also to those who love more simple fare and going between e’cco Bistro to Howzat Burger, this man knows what people love to eat and he is serving it up from all over town.

Previously, if you needed to get your Howzat Burger fix, you would need to head to Eat Street Markets or head to the Howzat home underneath e’cco Bistro, now you can get your hands on the burgers at The Triffid in Newstead.

Not only can you order any of your favourite Howzat Burgers, the team at HB have also concocted a burger specifically for diners at The Triffid. And yes you can still get order the infamous onion rings, fries and those addictive Nutella milkshakes so get yourself down there pronto.

The Triffid beer garden have a vast selection of beverages available as well plus icy cold beer on tap, including their very own Triffid Ale.

The Triffid is located at 7-9 Stratton Street Newstead and is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am til late, regardless of whether you have a ticket to a show or not. Howzat Burgers are available at both lunch and dinner so there is no reason why you can’t satisfy your gourmet burger craving at any time of the day or night.