The Dugout On Ernest is a highly anticipated espresso bar on Ernest St, and it’s finally opening next Monday.

The ‘dug out’ espresso bar — Council required the owners to dig down and out for months prior to fitout, to ensure there was sufficient headroom for operating — follows in the footsteps of big sister establishment, The Roastery Café. It was scheduled to open this week, before being “benched” due to last-minute approvals.

“It has been a massive undertaking with The Dugout located under a church on Ernest Street, and has required lots of thinking outside the box, but we’re really proud of what we have built — a cool espresso bar with character but most importantly, excellent coffee,” says owner Brent Carrall,

The baseball-themed venue (a ‘dugout’ is what baseball teams call their bench area) will be offering a shortened version of The Roastery Cafe’s menu (the food is actually made on The Roastery Cafe site on Glenelg Street).

The shortened menu is still relatively extensive, and will include Roastery’s infamous Lemony Feta and Avocado on sourdough, Bircher Muesli with fresh apple and berry chia compote, and The Dugout Quiche with Meredith Valley marinated goat cheese and sweet potato, just to name a few options.

Located at 72 Ernest Street, South Brisbane, adjacent to the Southbank Institute of Technology, The Dugout on Ernest will open its doors on Monday 1 December and will be serving coffee and food Monday-Saturday from 6am.