Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant has just opened in Brisbane and we’ve narrowed down the reasons why this needs to be your next dining destination.

The heritage-listed Rowes Arcade on Edward Street is now home to Jamie’s Italian, the biggest of its kind in Australia. There’s plenty to see and tatste once you walk through the doors, so we’ve gathered up the things you won’t want to miss.

Five reasons you need to visit Jamie’s Italian

The antipasto bar

The first thing you notice about Jamie’s Italian is how welcoming it is, the interior envelops you like a warm hug. Kind of like stepping into an Italian Martha Stewart’s home. The restaurant is set over two-levels and as you pass through the top level one of the first things that greets you is the free-standing, sit-up antipasto bar. San Daniele prosciutto and wheels of parmesan hang here along with other treats and patrons are invited to wander in, pull up a stool and look on as the chef’s dish up a range of antipasto platters for them to sample. The antipasti planks are where it’s at, where you can sample a range of cured meats, pickles, cheeses, crunchy salads and crispy pawns from atop a wooden plank.

The kids menu

Why do kids always get the good stuff? While the main menu at Jamie’s Italian is all sorts of the delicious, after finding out how the kids menu is presented we were clamoring to try it. Kids are handed their own personal Viewfinder — yes, that great toy from your childhood that you look into and click through the photos — before placing their order. The kids menu includes spaghetti bolognese, mini sliders, curly wurly tomato pasta bake, happy fish fingers and chicken lollipops.

The pasta stationkids

What’s an Italian restaurant without pasta? As you make your way through the upper level of the restaurant you’ll be greeted by the pasta station, featuring two $20,000 Ferrari-red Bottene bronze extruder pasta makers. It’s out in the open for all to see so patrons can witness the creation of the fresh pasta that is churned out daily. Pasta’s you need to try include the mussel linguine, truffle tagliatelle, sausage pappardelle and black angel spahetti.

Oliver family favorites

As fancy as the fanfare surrounding its opening has been, at its heart Jamie’s Italian is a family restaurant. This is especially clear from the menu, where Oliver family favorites have been given top billing. The dish Jool’s Favourite Tuna Fusilli is there at the request of Jamie’s wife. It’s the only dish she craved while pregnant with the couple’s four children and would always insist that the internationally acclaimed chef whip it up for her. The dish is a tantalizing mixture of sustainable tuna, slow-cooked tomatoes, garlic, herbs and cinnamon with crunchy, herby breadcrumbs. It’s a delight even if you’re not with child.


With so much on offer from the other menu sections, it would be easy to fill up on starters, platters and mains and not leave room for dessert. But we really suggest that you do. The Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue Pie has delcious hints of limoncello and crunchy pistachio brittle, while the the Chocolate Espresso Tart comes with served with orange zest and mint tips.

Jamie’s Italian is located in Rowes Arcade at 237 Edward St, Brisbane City. For more info, visit our dining guide