Alfred & Constance are celebrating the imminent arrival of US President Barack Obama with an Obamarama Tiki Party!

In town soon for the G20 summit, US President Barack Obama has been formally invited to the party of the year — and Alfred & Constance sure are hoping he can make it.

The G20 weekend entertainment kicks off with The A&C Obamarama Tiki Party on Thursday November 13 from 5pm. There will be Obama-masks on offer, of course, so you can channel your inner President.

Not enough Obama for your buck? Then get your photo take with the President himself! A&C will have a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Obama handy just in case his presidential duties stop him from making it to the party on time.

And what celebration would be complete without some themed food and drink? How does the “Big O Pina Colada” cocktail sound? Or perhaps you’d like to feast on an Obamarama Burger and fries. DJs Charlie Hustle, Matt Lapish, Yahn and Bliss will be playing tunes until late — they might even play some of Barry O’s requests, if he shouts them loudly and clearly enough across the bar.

And the best part? It’s free entry (but first in, best dressed)!

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