Looking for a delicious cup of coffee and befuddled by the overwhelming number of choices in our town? Luckily, we’ve gone around and scouted out some of the most talented, most dedicated and most passionate baristas in Brisbane. This week we came across Agnes Abe from The Brewer’s Pantry at The Charming Squire.

What exactly do you do?

I’m the barista at The Brewer’s Pantry, right next to the South Brisbane train station.

How did you end up on this path?

I started off working in a small café as a waitress and always envied the baristas and the way the coffee was made! The beautiful latte art was what really attracted my attention. I wanted to know how to make an elegant cup of coffee and the process behind it. Since then, I’ve really delved into the barista world and am fascinated by the whole roasting process behind the beans and how different roasting techniques can change the characteristic flavours of the coffee.

Favourite way to drink coffee?

An espresso!

Where would you most like to stop, sit and sip on a coffee?

A nice little cafe, hidden away.

If you could make a coffee and have a chinwag with anyone in the world – who would it be?

Chris Rock, because a great cup of coffee is meant to be enjoyed with great company, followed by laughter!

What makes your coffee different to others?

I always make my coffees with love and enjoyment… and of course with creamy, glossy milk.

What does coffee mean to you?

Coffee is many things to many people, whether you are a coffee addict or not, an admirer, a lover, or it’s just your morning fix of caffeine. To me it means a chill out session with a friend, enjoying each other’s company or your own.

What’s your tip for always getting a good coffee?

There are four steps to perfection — 1) the grind, 2) extraction, 3) milk texture, 4) pouring technique. If I told you how they are done, I’d have to kill you!

Anything else readers should know?

Mantle and Moon coffee is locally produced and is monitored by our full time team here in Brisbane so we know that we are getting quality beans, daily. Our coffee has also just won three national Golden Bean Awards and as a company we constantly undergo barista training to ensure we are always at the top of our game and that our customers are always getting a great cup of coffee.

To sample one of Agnes Abe’s coffees, head to The Brewer’s Pantry located at 3/133 Grey Street Southbank.

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