If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. With more Black Hawks in the sky than seagulls around a hot chip, Pony Dining has decided to embrace the G20 with three very special cocktails for international VIPs.

The Eagle Street Pier venue is serving up the following political potions…

The Disputin Putin

This cantankerous libation stars Kettle One Vodka (because of course it does), sweet vermouth, orange zest and passionfruit and is served stirred over ice. Unlike its namesake leader, the venue promises, this creation is worth the wait.

The Italian Flame of Love

No prizes for guessing that this one’s been inspired by former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi. While his flame of love burnt a touch too brightly during his tenure, this cocktail is just passionate enough — it stars Tanquery gin, Aperol, orange juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and orange bitters. It’s built over ice and topped with soda.

Jersey Juice

A coldie created for the commander in chief (who’s actually from Chicago, but whatever). Tipping their hat to the red, white and blue, Pony’s mixologists have come up with a concoction starring apple cider, Captain Morgan’s rum, Angostura bitters and simple syrup. It’s also built over ice.

Want to get into the G20 spirit with one of these leader’s libations? Pony Dining is located on the upper level of Eagle Street Pier. For bookings, call 3181 3400.