Liquefy Juice Co. has taken Brisbane by storm and is bringing the people what they want — a store that sells healthy, nutritious and delicious food 24 hours a day.

Owner David Dowd has spent the last 18 months researching, refining and planning the Liquefy concept and from the overwhelmingly positive response, he has nailed the formula perfectly.

Liquefy make bottled, cold-pressed raw juices, smoothies, raw foods, raw desserts and superfood in a convenient grab-and-go format. Each of the stores across Brisbane has uber-cool interiors and embraces a community-style dining atmosphere that encourages relaxation and interaction.

At this stage, they’re opening six stores across Brisbane (and one on the Gold Coast) with more in the very near future and plan to give those seeking a completely different dining experience the opportunity to come in and indulge their bodies and taste buds.

They’re also launching an online store which will allow anyone in Queensland to purchase their cold-press juice and have it delivered the next business day.

What really makes this company stand out is the introduction of a 24 hour Liquefy store, a shop that never closes its doors to those who need juices (and smoothies and raw food). The ironic thing is that this venue was never intended for that purpose.

“Mt Gravatt was actually our commercial kitchen where we did all the prep and juicing for all our other stores,” David explains. “We thought since we’re there all the time anyway, why not put a selling door on it and sell a few smoothies at the same time?”

A few smoothies? Last Saturday, approximately four weeks after opening, Liquefy at Mt Gravatt sold 800 smoothies and used up 120 kg of bananas. They had seven staff serving and the kitchen works in two shifts now.

Clearly there is massive demand for healthy food choices in the suburbs. The busiest times are still breakfast and lunch but David says there is a constant stream of people until about 3am.

The most popular items include the Quinoa and Cauliflower sushi (which sells out within the hour, usually), the Raw Caramel Slice (which prompts addiction in customers) and the Chocolate Buttercup smoothie.

When asked how this all came about, David (who is a lawyer and still runs a law firm) replies, “I was tired of going out to cafes and restaurants and not being able to eat what I wanted. So I came up with a concept, researched it, looked at similar business models overseas and then hired people and made it happen.”

He is adamant that his product is unlike any other health food offered currently in Australia. The quality is exceptional, and the flavours in perfect balance. “Our smoothies are 100% raw, no yoghurt and no crap added. We even make our own almond milk in house.”

The best part is that everything is guilt-free — you can eat anything on the menu and know it is good for your body.

To keep up with relentless demand, David is planning more Liquefy stores in rapid succession. Keep your ears open for an announcement regarding a new venue in the Bayside area and there will be another 24 hour store opening in early 2015.

The 24/7 Liquefy store can be found at 22-24 Carrara St, Mt Gravatt. For a full list of products and locations, visit