Brisbane is blessed by an abundance of ice cream offerings, from inner city urban gelaterias to far flung ice creameries that are worth the drive. I’ve listed some of the most delicious and I suggest you start a schedule to sample every last one.

Ice cream. Does it even need an introduction?

It’s sweet and moreish, decadent and delicious. It’s perfect in hot weather, as it drips down the cone onto your fingers, or curled up on a couch with a tub and spoon to be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace. Perhaps you prefer it in a drink or even in ice cream cake form. Whatever way you eat it, one thing is for certain — ice cream is universally loved all over the world, and Brisbane is no exception.

La Macelleria Gelateria

29 Florence Street, Newstead

They describe themselves as “two guys from Bologna” and they have one dream — to make Gelato a real experience. After being open less than four months, La Macelleria Gelateria have made it into the hearts of ice cream lovers all over. Impressive but not unexpected once you’ve sampled their wares, as the gelato is authentic, handcrafted and oh so lickable.

Drawing ice cream aficionados from all over town, the boys behind the brand know their gelato and have a genuine love of the product. They also offer gelato cakes and gelato sticks in flavours including Crema Bologna, Cioccolato, Caffè, Nocciola and Fior di Latte. Their Italian accents make every flavour sound delizioso, you’ll  feel like you’ve popped over to Rome for the evening. Stop by for a crunchy cone or take home a pack of gelato goodness to share (I joke) with your family and friends.

Gelateria Cremona

5/151 Baroona Road, Paddington

Married couple Gerardo and Lei Deflorian from Gelateria Cremona are all about giving the people of Brisbane a taste of the Italian gelato experience, although to be honest, most people want more than just a taste.

With training and a gelato education that comes from working overseas in Germany and Italy, Gerardo takes great pride in being able to make a product of the highest quality using traditional methods of production dating back as far as a century. Even back then, people knew that ice cream was the gateway to the soul’s satisfaction. The business has recently introduced some new, but very old-fashioned, equipment for making and serving ice-cream. Made in Italy, and with almost no changes in design for the past half century, the Effe is still renowned as the machine that makes the best ice-cream in the world. However it requires a little extra patience and hard work.

Using the Effe means the texture of the gelato becomes even more delicate and therefore they now need to store the ice cream in a way that protects from outside light, heat, oxygen and moisture. Who knew gelato could be such a complicated creature? Look out for their signature flavours including sweet potato, lemon lime bitters and Anzac biscuit.With more than 200 flavours in their repertoire, you will be sure to find something you love.

Freestyle Tout

50/1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley

An iconic dessert café that began way back in 1996 in a tiny little space in Rosalie that was filled with fresh blooms for sale and ever-changing art on the walls. Fast forward 18 years and Freestyle Tout has evolved into a huge venue that offers both savoury and sweet meals, coffee, jugs of cocktails and champagne. It’s an offering that obviously appeals to almost everyone, as there is usually a line-up to get a table at almost any time of the day. Their status as Brisbane’s first exclusive dessert restaurant meant Freestyle became synonymous with deliciousness; their dessert menu is still extensive, but it is their ice cream sundaes that prompted their inclusion on this list.

My favourite is the Chocolate Deluxe Sundae, a glorious mountain of vanilla, chocolate fudge and macadamia ice cream smothered in hot fudge sauce, marshmallows, cream and a chocolate sail. Also noteworthy is the Berry Deluxe Sundae, an experience that is like eating a raspberry split except a million times better. Or for the cookie dough lovers, you must try the Cocolucious Sundae which piles vanilla cookie dough, chocolate and vanilla coconut ice cream together with an organic chocolate coconut sauce. Are you drooling yet?


Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (Station Road, Indooroopilly)
Shop 30, Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank

Their tagline is “Ice cream from magic” and once you’ve sampled some of their offerings, it’s safe to say that this doesn’t even sound like bragging, it sounds like fact. The process is very nifty utilising liquid nitrogen from clean air to freeze the ingredients super-fast so that the ice-cream is super smooth. Then, the liquid nitrogen evaporates leaving only chilled ice confectionery. My tastebuds also think this is super. A technique that has been used by top chefs for years, finally a company are bringing it to the people. Plus all staff wear labcoats and goggles and the atmosphere alone is worth a visit. Who wouldn’t want a scientist concocting the ultimate ice cream especially for you?

Priding themselves on only using real food ingredients like actual milk, actual eggs and actual real food that are added to create actual incredible flavours. Actually I didn’t realise that most companies don’t do this. But you can definitely taste the difference in the quality with claims that Nitrogenie is the best ice cream ever created (according to one bmag staffer).

The flavours offered include some dairy-free options and some standout flavours including Salty Caramelly Popcorn, Lemon Meringue Pie, Vanilla Beanie, Nutella Ella Ella, Triple Choc Brownie, Pecan Ice Cream Pie and Pavlova Pash. You can also partake in a Nitroburger, made from ice-cream sandwiched between two macarons. Or drink your ice cream instead in the form of a Nitroshake. Now if those don’t get you on your bike and headed straight to one of their two stores, clearly you cannot call yourself an ice cream lover. As Nitrogenie like to say, “”It’s like a magic wish from an ice cream genie” and I feel like I’ve made friends with Aladdin now.

Briki Espresso & Gelati Bar

2/28 Hawken Drive, St Lucia

A small space that offers a small menu of delights other than gelati, Briki is a hit with locals and has a very loyal fanbase. A lovely spot to stop for an espresso, a chat with the staff and to sneak a sweet treat in. This new edition to the westside is committed to great service, remembering your coffee order and now also offers fresh floral arrangements and bouquets. The gelati is displayed in a clear chilled cabinet and the mountains of ice confectionary are mouth-wateringly tempting. Not the largest selection, but what is on offer will satisfy any ice cream aficionados.


364 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

When I need a fast shot of sweetness to improve my day, I head to the closest, most convenient location, knowing that my cravings will be sated and the service will make me smile. The Shlix team describe their store as “a little pocket of magic flavoured gelato, located in the centre of the valley on Brunswick Street” and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. Not only conveniently located if you are out and about on the town, Shlix are also open much later than most and can thus satisfy any late night gelato cravings.

Choose from a huge range of 36 flavours which include Marshmallow, and Red Bull Flavour for some extra get up and go. The team at Shlix stand behind their product, claiming it to be the best in town. Why? Because it is made with love and the ShliX gelato professionals are friendlier and sweeter than the Cheeky Cherry flavour. Plus, they don’t use artificial ingredients or preservatives, opting to use fresh Dairy Famers milk instead. Also, ShliX ice cream boasts only 0-6% fat while regular ice cream generally offers you around 30-60%. It’s practically a salad.

Redcliffe Ice Creamery

77 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe

Recently under new ownership, this place is steeped in old world charm and is all about friendly family-orientated service. Sitting just back from the beach, amongst the lines of other stores, the ice creamery catches the ocean breezes and is the perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream cone (or two).

A large range of flavours are on hand, from all the usual suspects to interesting offerings such as liquorice, ginger, coconut and Tia Maria mocha fudge. It’s not strictly an ice cream, but the Mudslide is pretty decadent and darn delicious. A combination of chocolate ice cream, syrup, milk and real chocolate shavings, this is one icy cold treat that will satisfy any sugar cravings.

LICK! Ice cream

8/23 Richland Avenue, Coopers Plains

For those who like to enjoy their ice cream in the comfort of their own home, say hello to one of my favourites — LICK! Ice cream. They are an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of gourmet ice cream and sorbet who are based in Brisbane and are bringing a local flavour (literally) to their ice cream.

The brainchild of Grant Lew, a qualified chef with 14 years experience in fine dining and catering, LICK! believe in creating three key elements: a distinctive taste, full-bodied flavour and velvety smooth texture. Once you’ve sampled a spoonful or two, you can see that all three have been achieved. With no compromise on quality, this ice cream gets better and better after each bite (which is a dangerous thing for your waistline).

Utilising a traditional production process and incorporating authentic ingredients including cream, couverture dark chocolate, fresh fruits and spices, LICK! have nailed the process and the results are obvious. Available at select outlets and also offering in various restaurants about town, until you’ve tried it for yourself, you won’t be able to believe the hype. But LICK! is one of the best. And even better, it can be enjoyed on the cosy comfort of your couch.

Home Ice Cream

Ice cream van – changing locations

Way back in 1959, Keith Reisinger, a refrigeration engineer in a Toowoomba dairy factory, decided that he could manufacture a superior ice cream using rich, Darling Downs milk from the region. The business grew and the Reisinger family built a state of the art factory. After expansion and debate about what direction to take the company in, it was decided in 1988 to create Home Ice Cream. Now you have high quality and delicious products, delivered each fortnight to your doorstep. Ice cream on call – how cool is that?

According to the response, everyone agreed and the company grew and grew. The product range has expanded; Home Ice Cream is now available in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, plus most major coastal population centres between Sydney and Cairns and their iconic vans have become synonymous with tasty frozen treats. Look out for their new premium Desire range which includes flavours like Gourmet Vanilla with Salted Caramel Ripple. Pass me a spoon STAT.


2/179 Grey Street, South Bank

Now who would like to eat a naked pop? Not sure what I’m talking about but curious all the same? Then head to Cowch, a super chilled, dessert cocktail bar at Southbank to find out for yourself. A new member of the Southbank family, this is a venue that makes you feel sexy as soon as you walk in. Low-lit, beautifully-styled, oozing opulence and smelling delicious, Cowch is open for breakfast and lunch but specialises in dessert offerings.

There is even a customise-your-own-ice-cream-on-a-stick station aka naked pops aka dreamland for dessert lovers. The only problem is deciding how to choose your flavour, which chocolate to dip it in (white, milk, dark) and what toppings to add.

As an aside, even though it’s not strictly ice cream, they also offer toasted marshmallows served with a Baileys-infused Chocolate Shot. Add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and holy moly, you’ve got the ultimate naughty and nice dessert.

Fillo & Co.

68 Boundary Street, West End

An interesting addition to the West End food scene, Fillo & Co. fills in some gaps in the market over that side of town. Offering a tasty selection of coffee, pastries, breads, Belgian chocolates and artisanal ice cream and popsicles, the team at Fillo & Co. are passionate about keeping it local and they try to source all their ingredients from within 50km of the premises. And you can definitely taste the difference.

The highlight for the ice cream lover is their ice cream sandwiches, artisan popsicles and choc tops – all handmade and tasting divine. Parking can be tricky as they are located on the main street that runs through West End but they open early and it’s always a good time for an ice cream.

Jeppo Gelato

109 Bloomfield Road, Cleveland

Make your tongue smile today by visiting Jeppo Gelato, an excellent option if you’re looking for delectable and high quality ice cream in the suburbs. Owner Justersen Jepsen is a qualified European chef with over 12 years experience in the industry and he leads a team that is passionate about gelati and sorbets.

Each day, the gelato is made fresh from the best quality ingredients possible. To illustrate just how homemade and flavoursome this gelato is, all fruit flavours contain over a kilo of fresh fruit, sourced locally when possible. Jeppo Gelato also use only natural ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. Most of their gelato is gluten free, 95% fat free, and there are up to 20 flavours on offer at any one time.

Priding themselves on the artisan approach, the company produces only small batches of each flavour and is not mass produced. Choose from unique flavours like Saffron and Toasted Pinenut, Toblerone, Dark Chocolate Chilli and Treacle Toffee.

Sing Sing

93 Hardgrave Road, West End

A slightly unexpected choice, but once you’ve tried their deep fried ice cream, you’ll understand. A family-owned and run Vietnamese restaurant which serves up delicious and fresh Vietnamese and Chinese dishes, their focus is on the mains but I think they’ve sold themselves short. With only a limited number of offerings on their dessert menu, it is the deep fried ice cream that is the hands-down winner.

They do also plate up a Gianduiotto (hazelnut and chocolate gelato rolled in chocolate), a banana fritter or an ice cream bowl with green tea, salted caramel and mango sorbet. For the kids, they offer a super fun and colourful Rainbow Wedge (which is basically multi-coloured ice cream served as a slice of ice cream cake). Which actually still appeals to the adult in me.

Are you drooling yet? Did I feature your favourite ice creamery? Comment below and share some of your top picks with the bmag community. You can never have too many ice cream options.

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