Whether you’re a lover of the flat white, an ardent espresso fan or favour flavoured coffee concoctions, there is no denying that coffee, in all its forms, fuels the world. And with that comes the tough task of deciding where to drink your cup. So we’re on the hunt for Brisbane’s most popular baristas and coffee roasters.

This week we feature our first female barista and find out how her coffee journey led her from New York back to Brisbane.

What exactly do you do?

I am the head barista at Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar, Albert Street in the CBD.

How did you end up on this path and what does making coffee mean to you?

I started working as a barista while I was studying and ended up loving it. I lived in New York for a year after university and got to work with an awesome barista, Leo Moco, who I learned so much from which increased my passion. When I moved to Brisbane a few years ago, I tried an awesome Monsoon Malabar coffee at Toby’s Estate. I handed in my resume and never looked back.

Favourite way to drink coffee?

V60 or espresso.

Where would you most like to stop, sit and sip on a coffee?

At the beach.

If you could make a coffee and have a chinwag with anyone in the world — who would it be?

I had to think about this really hard but it would probably just be my partner. We both love coffee and enjoy having a coffee and a chat together.

What makes your coffee different to others?

The passion and care we take with every coffee.

Coffee to you means… ??

An awesome job. Hanging out with people I love, doing something I love and making something I love.

Tips for always getting a good coffee?

Make sure all your equipment is really clean all the time and take care with every cup.

Anything else readers should know?

Try your coffee black some time or try a brew. Take the time to taste all the flavours in your coffee you might be surprised how much you can enjoy a coffee. Have a chat with your barista about coffee, a lot of them have so much passion and can pass on so much knowledge.

Want to sample a cup of Eleanor’s brew? Then head to Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar at 79 Albert St, Brisbane CBD.

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