Find the Indian cuisine you’ve grown to love — butter chicken, rojan josh and lamb madras and more — at Portside Wharf’s newest restaurant.

Real ingredients, cooked from scratch with care, are the secret behind the authentic, traditional Indian cuisine you’ll find at Aamaya, says Delhi-born owner Mandeep Chhillar.

“The key to good Indian food is all in the ingredients,” Mr Chhillar says.

“Our chef, Kawal Kishore, uses high quality ingredients including cashew nuts, honey, almond meal, coconut and Indian spices, and blends these together to create sauces, curry bases and marinades. The delicious taste comes from using the full range of traditional spices essential for achieving true Indian flavour.

“Sadly, many restaurants omit ingredients to cut down on costs. Spices and nuts can be expensive and preparation can be time consuming.

“We make our own spices, like garam masala, in house by sourcing fresh ingredients. While this is time consuming, it’s what gives our food its great taste and aroma. We cook our curry bases slowly and this process allows enough time for all the spices to release their flavour. We also source superior quality meats, fish and poultry for all our dishes. One of my favourite dishes is our Palak Paneer cooked by using high quality Indian cottage cheese.Every time I eat this dish it reminds me of home.”

The menu was created by Mr Chhillar and chef Mr Kishore, who moved from his home in Delhi to work extensively in Japan before coming to Australia 10 years ago.

Cooked in the tandoor, the dishes are served mild with the option to spice it up. Try them accompanied by freshly brewed Indian tea or a  King Fisher Indian beer.

“We cook from traditional recipes with no shocks or surprises so people will know exactly what they are getting. We believe Indian food is beautiful in its traditional form so we’ll be sticking to the basics and perfecting them,” says Mr Chhillar.

Aamaya is open daily at Portside Wharf, Hamilton. For more information, visit our dining guide.