Want to impress your guests at your next soiree? As we head into Melbourne Cup season and the heat of summer starts to hit us, it’s time we learnt how to create cold concoctions that will wow everybody. Each week, we bring you a unique class that’s happening around Brisbane. So we stopped in at The Laneway Bar to learn how to design and pour the most balanced and beautiful cocktails around.

As we head into the party season, it can be a very handy skill to be able to entertain guests at home. The team behind The Laneway Bar know this, and as such, have decided to offer cocktail-making classes on a Saturday afternoon between 4-6pm.

The Laneway Bar itself occupies an elevated space off Spencer Lane, behind The Euro. A beautifully-designed venue, filled with ambient light and cosy corners, it’s the perfect place to learn how to design a tastebud-tingling cocktail. The space can only be accessed either through The Euro or directly via Spencer Lane off Margaret Street.

“With cocktails being so popular nowadays and people always wanting to know what’s in the drink or how we did it, we thought it was time to start a class,” says The Laneway Bar’s Andy Buchanan. “Mainly to show people so they could do it at home.”

“We do at least two of these classes every week for hen’s parties, corporates and birthdays. It’s a great interactive, social way to hang out with friends and learn something at the same time. I think everyone has wanted to stand behind the other side of the bar at some stage in their life!”

The Laneway Bar Cocktail Participation Class offers private and group bookings with a minimum booking requirement of 10 guests. Costs are $60 per person with a selection of any three cocktails or for an additional $10 more (so $70 per person), bar food is also included. We know which way we would go.

The list of cocktail skills to choose from is extensive, but some of the ones that caught our eye included:

  • Bloody Mary – Rock and Roll Technique
  • Frisco Sour – Over Crushed Ice – Shaken
  • Vodka Espresso – Straight Up – Shaken
  • Clover Club – Straight Up – Shaken
  • Twentieth Century – Straight Up – shaken
  • Hemingway Daiquiri – Straight Up – Shaken

For more information or to make a booking, head to our event guide listing.