If there’s one thing Chuck Hahn knows, it’s beer. But if there’s another thing Chuck Hahn knows, it’s cheese.

As Australia’s godfather of brewing, Chuck Hahn’s beer credentials are impeccable.

He’s got a PhD in Chemical Engineering, for a start, and worked with America’s monolithic Coors Brewing Company for 10 years before making his way to Sydney to run Tooth Breweries. After that, Chuck spent a few years as the technical manager at Lion Breweries in New Zealand, before coming back to Oz and establishing the Hahn Brewery — at the time, Australia’s largest microbrewery — in 1988.

Chuck ran the Hahn Brewery by himself for five years, making a particular splash with Hahn Premium. He sold to the Lion Nathan Group in ’93, and was named their Chief Brewer as part of the deal.

In ’98, he returned to his true love — boutique brewing — and launched the Malt-Shovel Brewery to produce handcrafted quality beers. The brewery operates out of the old Hahn Brewery site in Camperdown, Sydney. It’s named after the pub owned by James Squire, Australia’s first brewer, and is still operated by Chuck.

After spending so much time making beer, Chuck has learned a thing or two about what to eat with it, and he’s coming to Brisbane to run a beer and cheese masterclass.

Chuck ‘n’ Cheese will be held at the Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside (123 Eagle St, Brisbane) on Thursday October 9; each $20 ticket includes four beers and four cheeses.

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