There’s no reason to run off to Germany, because the Bavarian Bier Café has your Oktoberfest shenanigans covered.


The keg tapping at Bavarian Bier Cafe

More than 6 million people are set to make the annual pilgrimage to Munich this year for Oktoberfest but here in Brisbane the celebrations have already started.

Last week the Bavarian Bier Café got the Oktoberfest ball rolling by tapping a keg and letting the beer flavored fun times roll at their Eagle Street Pier venue. There were authentic biers, giant pretzels softer than newborn chicks and an array of schnitzels, sausages, pork knuckle and pork belly that were so tasty one of our bmag team members temporarily lost her mind and forgot that she was a vegetarian.

However, that’s just the start of what’s to come at the Bavarian Bier Café Oktoberfest celebrations.

The Bier

Bavarian Bier Café is the only venue in Australia where you can try all five exported Oktoberfestbiers, which have been brewed within the city limits of Munich since the 1300s. Five of the six Biers officially served at Oktoberfest in Munich, uniquely brewed for the festival, will only be available in Australia for a short period.Due to the lack of refrigeration on festival grounds, Bavarian brewers developed a higher-percentage alcohol Bier, ‘Marzen-bier’, to last through the warmer months; ensuring clean, quality brews were available all year. Oktoberfest biers represent this tradition, with all five having alcohol content above 5.5 per cent while maintaining a remarkable smoothness.

Oktoberfest Tasting Flights: If you are not sure which bier to try, why not try a three bier flight for $14 or a three bier flight with matched food $30.

The Food

Ribs: They have given you schnitzels, sausages, pork knuckle, pork belly and now Bavarian Bier Café introduces you to ribs. Ribs are a hot menu item all over the world and Bavarian Bier Café’s Executive Chef Martin Heierling, direct from his hometown Las Vegas via Brooklyn and New Zealand, has delivered pork ribs specially cut to leave more meat on the bone to the Bavarian Bier cafe. With a ½ rack of ribs for $19 and full rack for $37.

Special Oktoberfest Menu: Try the Oktoberfest fare off the a la carte menu such as roast pork with bayrisch kraut, potato dumpling and Oktoberfest bier jus ($29) or the Kaiserschmarrn – Caramelised pancakes, roasted almonds and run poached raisins ($10) and why not share a giant pretzel with friends ($8) or indulge in one of the set menus from $38pp for three-course and from $54pp for four-course set menu for a true Oktoberfest culinary experience.

Okotoberfest Food Challenges

Tuesday Schnitzel Challenge: Bavarian Bier Café holds its special Lowen schnitzel deal on Tuesdays which is just $17 and if you can consume it all, you receive a free schnapps to enjoy.Not all schnitzels are created equal and no one knows this better than the Bavarian Bier Café. The perfect schnitzel is an achievement of art and science in harmony – golden and cooked just right is the Bavarian Bier Café way.

Wednesday 1kg Challenge: Patrons are invited to take on the pork with the 1kg Oktoberfest Challenge of a Giant Pork Knuckle with creamy mash potato and sauerkraut for $35 every Wednesday through October. If you are able to conquer the pork knuckle, you will receive a complimentary ½ L Oktoberfest bier to finish.

Bier and food matching: Wondering what bier would go best with your Oktoberfest menu special? The Bavarian Bier Café team can recommend a bier designed to best complement your chosen fare’s flavours.

Oktoberfeast Sunday Roast: Enjoy Roast Pork Belly with Crackling, Minted Peas, Creamy Mash, Saurkraut, Apple Compote and Bier Jus at $25pp minimum two people.

The Entertainment

Oktoberfest Sunday Sessions: Relax on Sunday afternoons with fresh beats with an in-house DJ.

There will also be daily in-venue competitions such as a Monday Giant Pretzel Throwing competition, Wednesday Stein Hoisting and Holding and the Thursday Stein Races. Winners will receive a $50 Bavarian Bier Café voucher.

Get you dancing shoes on for live music throughout Oktoberfest, from traditional Oom-Pah-Pah tunes to modern mixes from in-venue DJs, the music will get your feet tapping every second Sunday through October.

For more information on the Bavarian Bier Café, check out our dinning guide.