Need to know how to whip up a Nepalese curry? Dying to learn how to design your own dessert? Each week, we will bring you a unique cooking class that’s happening around Brisbane. This week we found ourselves at Cobbler in West End to learn all about the ancient art of cocktail-making.

You know when you go out with friends and beer or wine just doesn’t appeal and isn’t tickling your taste buds? Instead you look at the cocktail menu and everything sounds delicious, decadent and slightly dangerous.

Imagine having the skill to concoct those cocktails yourself? At home. At a friend’s house. At your holiday beach house — we can dream for you, can’t we?

Well, now you can, as Cobbler is offering cocktail-making classes on Saturdays from 2-3pm.

When you attend a class, you will be shown by one of their experienced and highly-awarded bartenders three different techniques — shaken drinks, stirred drinks and built drinks. Jump behind the bar to make your drinks and experience what it’s like to be behind a serious cocktail and whisky bar.

Oh, and the most important thing? You’ll learn the secrets to making your cocktails delicious.

“We’re known for being a whisky bar,” says Cobbler owner Martin Lange, “but we have a serious passion for cocktail making and love to show our guests how to make cocktails at a professional level whilst still having a bit of fun and educating at the same time.”

When you attend a class, you will be trained by Cobbler’s expert bartenders. There are three cocktails included in the price, which is $100 per person. This is also a great idea if you’re looking for something different to do for a hen’s or buck’s night, or even your work Christmas party or corporate function.

All bookings can made via

You’ll find Cobbler at 7 Browning Street West End. For more information, head to our event guide.