With the relocation of Taste Trekkers to the industrial backstreets of Salisbury, Brisbane has a new cooking school venue.

Sally Lynch, who has been a player in the foodie game for 25 years, has been widening Brisbane palates since 2007. After losing both home and business in the 2011 foods, Lynch’s Taste Trekkers is now firmly ensconced in Big Vintage amongst an ever-changing back-drop of industrial and vintage furnishings.

With a background in cafes, catering and food manufacturing, Lynch has always had a yearning for quality produce. Discovering new ingredients, products, shops and cooking gadgets are Lynch’s all consuming hobby, one that we can all benefit from through Taste Trekkers classes.

A quick chat with Sally Lynch revealed what to expect at Taste Trekkers’ new Big Vintage location.

What classes will you be holding?

I have redone some golden oldies such as the Vietnamese Street Food and Moroccan Madness and introduced a load of new classes such as Pigs and Pickles; Jam Session; Japanese Soul Food and BBQ and things on Sticks.. All of the classes stick to our basic Taste Trekker philosophy of big flavours with a minimum of fuss.

What’s special about the cooking school set up?

The Taste Trekkers cooking school is located in the middle of The Big Vintage, an industrial and vintage furniture warehouse. The cooking takes place on cool, old tool tables surrounded by an ever-changing eclectic arrangement of furniture and homewares. This business has been established to supply affordable and sustainable furniture to both hospitality and retail outlets, as well as those purchasing for home.

What is sustainable furniture?

Sustainable furniture is furniture that has been made with reclaimed, reused or rejigged materials and in factories that support fair working conditions.

I find it strange that we all care so deeply about where our food is coming from but don’t give the same consideration to our furnishings. Why is that chair only $30 when the materials probably cost that alone? One thing at a time, I suppose.

What do you have planned for Taste Trekkers?

We will be offering Chefs Table dinner parties, for eight to twelve people on request at the Big Vintage long table and served by Taste Trekkers.

Look out for our Friday night dinners in summer!

Taste Trekkers can be found in The Big Vintage Warehouse at 7 Commerce St, Salisbury. All classes are $95 per person and run for two and a half hours; call Sally on 0408 321 822 or email sally@tastetrekkers.com.au for more information.