Who makes your morning coffee? Coffee drinking is a global business, an international empire that governs our tastebuds and our body clocks and is an essential morning ritual for many.

With such a proliferation of choice in our town, it can be overwhelming deciding where to grab your morning brew. The excitement, dedication and expertise that local baristas and roasters possess is impressive and ensures a delicious cup of coffee in any part of town.

We’ve decided to showcase our local stars — the people with the passion — so you know where to go and who to allow to pour your coffee.

The spotlight this week is on the super friendly and very tall Ryan Goody from The Gresham. This place is better known as a late night venue, with dark wood tones throughout and a wall of appealing liquor choices. But they are also coffee aficionados, churning out cup after cup of the delicious brew every morning. So if you’re in the CBD and need a cup of coffee and a genuine smile, head in and see Ryan at The Gresham.

What exactly do you do?

I am the barista and coffee manager here and I look after everything coffee, and a little bar tending and ordering stock.

How did you end up on this path and what does making coffee mean to you?

I first made coffee at Watt Modern Dining, at Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm, back around 2000-2001. I was thrown in the deep end on Saturday and Sunday mornings with some quality baristas, and had to learn fast!!! We were doing, on average, between 8 and 11kg on the morning shift and all before 12pm! Lucky the guys were great teachers.

I have made coffee and been a bartender ever since and I love it. It’s great to have a passion that drives you, and makes my days at work a pleasure.

Favourite way to drink coffee?

My fave morning coffee is just a straight up double flat white, in a 7oz ceramic cup, with banging textured milk. I also love a good double espresso — coffee in its purist form.

Where would you most like to stop, sit and sip on a coffee?

If I’m going to stop anywhere for a coffee, it would be at The Gresham. I’d have it made by Bernadette, our other star barista here. She makes a bangin’ coffee, but I’m always here when she is, so if I like to go somewhere, it’s to Merriweather Cafe in South Bank. The coffee is super consistent and a great tasting blend, and the baristas are great too. I also frequent Coffee Anthology in the city. Adam Wang is a coffee scientist. HE CAN COFFEE!

If you could make a coffee and have a chinwag with anyone in the world — who would it be?

If I could have a coffee with anyone in the world, at all? It would have to be my girlfriend Rebecca. There is no-one else’s company I enjoy as much as hers. And she loves coffee as much as me, and I just couldn’t spend too much time with her, EVER!! So much love.

What makes your coffee different to others?

I don’t think our coffee is different to others, or any better. We use Toby’s Estate coffee at The Gresham, the Broadway blend. It’s a killer blend, really consistent and we mix it up with a second grinder, running a variety of single origins, but mainly use the La Trinidad blend from Toby’s in our second grinder (which is easily one of the best beans I have ever used). So the beans are the real stars of our coffee. I’m just lucky that there is quite a lot of inconsistent coffees being made in the city (and generally in Brisbane).

So we just concentrate on making good quality coffee, all the time. Don’t get me wrong, there is no shortage of great coffee being made too, but people really appreciate getting a well-made coffee, that is the same as the one they had yesterday, that’s the same today, and they know it’s going to be the same tomorrow. That’s what we do — make consistently good coffee for the people.

Coffee to you means…?

It means income, it means happiness, it means fun times and hard work. It’s a wake-up juice, and a relaxant at the same time. It’s just great. I love it!

Tips for always getting a good coffee?

The temperature of milk is important, very important, and always watch your shots. Backwash your group handles as often as you can during the day, not with chemical, just a clean backwash, and pop your baskets out and wipe down the inside of the handle (you will be surprised as to how filthy they get). The rest is up to the barista!

Head to The Gresham Bar, 308 Queen St, Brisbane CBD to see Ryan and satisfy your coffee cravings.