Looking for a change in career? Always had a hankering to be your own boss? Even if you haven’t, industry leader Truck Corp could entice you down this path as they design and manufacture custom food trucks.

With a list of options which includes a variety of commercial vehicle motor bodies for food-service, vending, medical, refrigerated transport and dry freight, Truck Corp is your best bet for turning your ultimate food truck dreams into reality.

Supplying many major fleet operators, government, large and small businesses, Truck Corp can supply a complete truck, van or ute or build and fit to a dealer’s cab chassis.

Paul Standley, one of the team at Truck Corp, has been witness to the growing interest in food trucks and says that his company “can customise anything and nothing is too difficult. We send our trucks nation-wide and we adapt our approach to what the customer needs from the truck itself.”

“As a diversified full service provider to the food and transport industry,” he continues, “we offer all aspects from design, manufacturing to the engineering of specialised vehicles as well as modifications to existing fleets or trucks.”

Anyone can buy and drive a food truck but it will depend on what licence you hold as to what size truck you can purchase. Paul says as most people only hold a car licence, this limits the size of the truck they can drive and also certain features. But acquiring different licences is actually quite easy and worth the time and investment so you can buy whatever truck you fancy.

When asked about the most unique truck they have ever built, Paul casts his mind back. “We have actually utilised a prime mover as a mobile fruit shop. One half was for storage and the other half would open up as the store. The owners would drive it to markets and more remote areas so people could purchase fresh fruit and veggies.”

Truck Corp is a genuine one-stop shop for everything from chassis engineering, fabrication, truck modification, interior layout, gas installation, refrigeration, air conditioning, signage, service, parts and delivery, and will be with you every step of the way with your food truck adventure.

For more info about creating your own fabulous food truck, call (07) 3277 6440 or head to Truck Corp.

This story is sponsored by Truck Corp. 

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