Who makes your morning coffee? Coffee drinking is a global business, an international empire that governs our tastebuds and our body clocks and is an essential morning ritual for many.

With such a proliferation of choice in our town, it can be overwhelming deciding where to grab your morning brew. The excitement, dedication and expertise that local baristas and roasters possess is impressive and ensures a delicious cup of coffee in any part of town.

We’ve decided to showcase our local stars — the people with the passion — so you know where to go and who to allow to pour your coffee.

The spotlight this week is on Adam Metelmann from Strauss, an appealing little local coffee hub tucked down a laneway in the CBD. His genuine commitment to continued excellence in all aspects of coffee-making is inspiring and it was a conscious choice.

What exactly do you do?

Head Barista at Strauss.

How did you end up on this path and what does making coffee mean to you?

It means everything. It’s a big honour to represent people worldwide with the fruit of their labour, do my part to turn it into something delicious that really does change a person’s day. At the start, it was just a job. As the years went by, I realised that there is so much more to this industry. It’s not a job anymore, it’s a lifestyle choice, and I’m continually challenged and satisfied. Every day is a learning experience.

Favourite way to drink coffee?

Espresso, then espresso with milk. Then a filter chaser. Then another espresso, and okay, maybe I’ll have another milk based drink. And maybe then….

Where would you most like to stop, sit and sip on a coffee?

The list doesn’t stop growing! Oslo. Japan. San Francisco. Portland again. Dublin. London. At Origin.

If you could make a coffee and have a chinwag with anyone in the world – who would it be?

Hmm. Perhaps a brains trust group consisting of Peter Giuliano, Colin Harmon, Steve Leighton, Gwilym Davies, Cosimo Libardo, Nicholas Cho, James Hoffman and Scott Rao. But there might be a few more coffee people coming so I promise I’ll make a big brew.

What makes your coffee different to others?

I don’t know. Maybe the experience I can bring because I’m old? I just know that you can never stop the learning process in this field, and always learn from your mistakes. Be your worst critic. Always know that good enough is never good enough, and that cup that you think shouldn’t go out, does not.

Coffee to you means… ?

THE WORLD. It’s my livelihood, my passion, my muse, my output, my frustration and my drug.

Tips for always getting a good coffee?

Making no compromise with whatever gear/ coffee you have. Use the best water you can. Treat your coffee with respect and look after it. Take the time to prepare with gentle hands and also share your experience with others. Many people worked hard to get it into your possession, and it’s very easy to make great coffee taste very ordinary if you don’t take the time to respect/ research/ learn/ enjoy the processes involved.

Just because you don’t have the latest and greatest gear, doesn’t mean you can’t make a great cup.

Take the time to wander down the lane to sample Adam’s coffees at Strauss, 189-191 Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD.