It’s not all about the freshly roasted beans, interesting food options and French chef at The Roastery Café, as they look towards future sustainability.

An innovative aquaponic system and a 20 square metre wall of graffiti puts The Roastery Café at the forefront of urban green space options.

The Roastery Café nestles beside Rouge Coffee Roasters at 25 Glenelg Street, South Brisbane.  You can see the large, shiny roaster through a window in the café.  As well as roasting a fine cup of coffee, this venue is now home to a 1200L aquaponic system creating a working model of sustainable urban agriculture to help feed hungry diners.

The flourishing aquaponic vertical garden is set against artwork by Graffiti Murals (@drapl).  The  tank is home to around 100 fish that provide nutrients to feed edible plants set in 20 metres of channel and three square meters of garden bed.  It’s all constructed from locally sourced hardwood from Brisbane renovations, in the process diverting one almost tonne of ‘waste’ from landfill.

The garden and artwork definitely add another dimension to the café’s narrow back area bringing the space to life in the best way.

French chef Jordan Claravon’s menu has some nice touches, like the citrus infused mascarpone that goes on the pimped up banana bread or dill pickles and limed zucchini with the smoked salmon on toast.  The lunch menu is heavy on sandwiches and rolls with diversions like house relish, lemon mustard mayo and tomato basil sauce to add flavour direction. There’s pulled pork, of course, and an epic steak sandwich that sounds worth trying.

Pull up a chair at one of the large communal tables at the front of the cafe or at one of the many more smaller tables in the long walkway out to the back section. If you want to take your favourite pooch with you, aim for the table out the front.

Rouge Coffee pride themselves on sourcing the best quality green beans and carefully roasting them to bring out individual flavour characteristics. You can buy the house blend at the café and take it home to enjoy again.

Are you a budding baristas or coffee nazi?  Rouge Coffee have barista classes in three levels to help you perfect your home coffee or start your coffee career off in the cafe world.

The Roastery Cafe is open for breakfast every day and for lunch during the week.