Need to know how to whip up a Nepalese curry? Dying to learn how to design your own dessert? Each week, we will bring you a unique cooking class that’s happening around Brisbane — starting with a sourdough bread class.

Sourdough Bread. Yum. Better yet, nothing beats the taste and smell of home-baked bread — and it is just so satisfying to make your own. But how? It seems complicated…

Enter baking goddesses and health aficionados Angela O’Toole and Sam Seljak, who are conducting a cooking class that provides all the basic need-to-knows for making homemade sourdough bread. The night includes information on how to make a starter culture (the yeast) which you will begin on the night. You also receive sourdough bread recipes and easy-to-follow care instructions for your starter culture. Everyone will get to sample home-made bread tasters and will receive a starter kit for their very own sourdough starter.

But there has been so much backlash against bread. Should we even be eating it at all, let alone slaving over a hot oven making our own? Angela explains this common misconception. “Sourdough bread is made through a natural fermentation process therefore making it a pre-digested food. This makes the bread much easier for us to digest and absorb vitamins and minerals from. Plus sourdough bread has a lower GI than regular bread (made with bakers yeast) due to natural enzymes present in the bread — and it tastes better, too! Our sourdough recipe is super simple and makes delicious, homemade bread attainable for even the busiest of people.”

The two ladies will talk you through the history of sourdough and more in-depth explanation of its benefits as well as introducing some alternative grain flours that can be used for sourdough at home. “The workshop is a very interactive space,” Angela says, “and we encourage questions, comments and shared stories of bread baking endeavours.”

The next Sourdough cooking class costs $50 and is on Monday September 8 at Scout Cafe, 190 Petrie Terrace. Class runs from 6.30-8pm and you will need to email for bookings.