Brisbane’s Saké Restaurant and Bar is taking on the Cherry Blossom Festival tradition in September with a month-long Spring into Saké celebration.

For centuries, the Japanese have been celebrating the delightful pink overflow of the flowering cherry blossoms (‘sakura’), Japan’s popular flower, in their spring.

Brisbane’s Saké Restaurant (45 Eagle Street, Eagle Street Pier) is definitely in the pink for the month of September with fairy-lit cherry blossom trees and sprigs, seasonal menu additions and cherry blossom festival events.

Executive Chef Shaun Presland’s cherry blossom menu invokes the cartoon themes of Harajuku, complemented by sakura-inspired cocktails and traditional sake offerings.

“A lot of thought and care gets put into Cherry Blossom Festival offerings to highlight how the magic of sake matching with our food can come to life,” says Presland. “Cherry Blossom is a great opportunity to work closely with my team to do something fresh and extraordinary.”

Presland is hosting a cherry blossom-inspired, eight course dinner in Saké’s private dining room on September 17. The menu will focus on spring produce — light, healthy and clean — matched with sake, shochu and tea.

There’s also the chance to enjoy a snippet of neo-Tokyo at Sake’s Sakura Harajuku Night on September 5. Expect a themed Harajuku pop up bar with sakura-inspired exclusive cocktails, izakaya style food and a live DJ all night.

If you love Japanese food as much as I do, you’ll appreciate the both the food and artistry in Saké’s $38 Chef’s Spring Lunch Menu. It’s one of the first from the kitchen now headed by Daisuke Sakai who, with over 13 years experience in Japan and Australia, is one of Australia’s most experienced Japanese chefs.

Daisuke’s presentation of the sashimi appetiser was superb with the thick slices of fresh tuna, salmon and kingfish served on a bed of crushed, green ice. Second course is beef brisket, thrice cooked very slow and very low, in a sweet soy reduction accompanied by a potato pave layered with miso cream. Dessert is a sakura strawberry tart flanked by pressed seasonal fruits.

I’ll have to wait until next year to see the cherry trees bloom in Japan, but with Sake’s Cherry Blossom Festival on offer, I’m not so sad.

For bookings, call (07) 3015 0557.