Motherly love is the secret menu ingredient at Bulimba’s newly opened Ooh Mami on Oxford Street.

Take two brothers, their best mate and a mother who loves to cook and you’ve got the taste-bud tingling ingredients behind Ooh Mami.

This casual eatery aims to attract those in search of good, wholesome food that satisfies at the end of a long day. It’s all about homestyle cooking and meals prepared by ‘mami’.  No prizes for guessing there’s also a play on the word ‘umami’, the recently added strong savoury fifth taste after salt, sweet, sour and bitter, that makes everything from spag bol to Vegemite so hard to resist.

“Our mother’s love goes into each and every one of her recipes, so there is nothing as loving as a home cooked meal,” says Mohammed Khcheiche, one of the founders. “We wanted home-style cooking to be more accessible to people who have limited time to prepare weeknight meals, but are looking for a healthy option – either to takeaway or dine-in.”

What you’ll see when you walk in the door at Ooh Mami is a cold cabinet overflowing with a wide range of delicious salads with a middle eastern theme and a fit out that welcomes with a collection of quirky objects and home-style atmosphere.

The brothers say they ate a lot of wholesome meat dishes growing up and they really wanted to replicate this with their ‘square meals’ section of the menu. Their mother’s insistence that a good lunch or dinner should always include all of the food groups and be packed with nutrients, shows. You will notice ingredients such as chickpeas, sweet potato, pumpkin and fetta as menu heroes because they were often used in their mother’s cooking. The tabouli, a very traditional and authentic recipe prepared exactly as their mother taught them, is well worth a try.

Which of the meals make the brother’s eyes light up with delight?  That would be the South-Western slow braised beef with a side of memphis-style slaw and steak cut chips. They cannot get enough of it! It makes them say “Ooooh Mami!”

You’ll find Ooh Mami at 210 Oxford Street, just up from the cinema.