Who makes your morning coffee? Coffee drinking is a global business, an international empire that governs our tastebuds and our body clocks and is an essential morning ritual for many.

With such a proliferation of choice in our town, it can be overwhelming deciding where to grab your morning brew. The excitement, dedication and expertise that local baristas and roasters possess is impressive and ensures a delicious cup of coffee in any part of town.

We’ve decided to showcase our local stars — the people with the passion — so you know where to go and who to allow to pour your coffee. Chatting to Dimitrios Piliouras from The Artisan Coffee Roaster, he shared his love for all things bean-related.

What is the name of your business?

The Artisan Coffee Roaster.

What exactly do you do?

I’m a Small Batch Coffee roaster using direct trade green beans from a local specialty coffee importer. I am interested in the many uses of coffee and love that I can put these ideas into practice through The Artisan Coffee Roaster.

How did you end up on this path and what does making coffee/ roasting beans mean to you?

I’ve been in the coffee business for twenty years and roasting has been an avenue for a greater appreciation and expression of my passion for coffee. I used to corporate roast producing 4-5 tonne a week to now expressing the art through my small batch roasting. Coffee and roasting coffee is my vice and enjoy seeing the way it connects people.

Favourite way to drink coffee?

In a glass as a double shot espresso, no sugar with equal amount of steamed milk.

Where would you most like to stop, sit and sip on a coffee?

At the end of a roast day on my garden chair in the backyard watching the sun go down.

If you could make a coffee and have a chinwag with anyone in the world – who would it be?

Female? Definitely Sophia Loren (would try to extend the courtesy for dinner, too). Male? It would be one of my favourite film directors, Martin Scorsese.

What makes your coffee different to others?

There is a personal story behind every coffee. I get my inspiration for my blends or palette profiles of coffee that I roast, from personal experiences or unique places I have drunk coffee.

Coffee to you means… ??

I love the personality that coffee has and of course its “get up and get out of bed” marching order it gives us all every day. Coffee for me goes beyond just that cup of coffee, it’s the medium for people to connect with one another in so many ways.

What’s your tip for always getting a good coffee?

Firstly, choose a roaster and barista who is knowledgeable in and certainly respects coffee and their trade. Secondly, be nice to them. It will then be a pleasure for them to give you their best of their craft.

Anything else readers should know?

Take time out not to just have that hard and fast takeaway coffee in our fleeting life. Make sure you connect to the ritual of experiencing and appreciating coffee.

To find out where you can sip on a coffee made with The Artisan Coffee Roaster’s beans, check out his Facebook page or website.

We’ll be profiling one of Brisbane’s best baristas every week — if you’d like to nominate someone, let us know in the comments below!