The food truck phenomenon has exploded in Brisbane! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of your favourite trucks — today, the spotlight falls on The Kai Kart.

Owner/Chef: Chala Chase & Grant Armstrong

Cuisine style: Kiwi Kai — food derived from the homeland of New Zealand!

Home suburb: Coomera, Gold Coast

Years in business: One

Why food trucks?

Being mobile lets you get out to different communities and events. We can bring our food to the streets and workplaces. It opens up hundreds more possibilities.

What were you doing before you got your food truck? What’s your background in food?

Before the Kai Kart I was running my husband’s truck business. We are self-confessed food lovers, and we have a huge amount of Kiwi friends and family living here on the Gold Coast, always asking for fried bread or rewana bread and boilup or hangi, so the idea came about to make a business out of it, catering to the needs of our Kiwi Whanau (Family).

What’s the most popular item on your menu?

It’s got to be a tie between our chunky steak ‘n’ cheese pie and real fruit ‘Feijoa’ ice cream.

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

I’m a sucker for the Afghan biscuits.

Which suburbs do you usually operate in? Where’s your most popular stop?

At the moment we are at Kuraby Markets, but eventually hope to venture the streets very soon!

How do most people find out about your truck?

Facebook, for sure. And I always give my phone number out (0410 500 781) for anyone to call me 24/7 about the Kai Kart.

Why do you think food trucks have become so popular?

The versatility they offer, and the chance for people to be out in a buzzing environment whilst enjoying amazing food!

Favourite music to listen to in the truck?

We love homegrown Kiwi reggae blasting in the Kai Kart!

Do you harbour any dreams of opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant?

We are actually in the process of having a base kitchen/shop ! Originally we were on the hunt for a commercial kitchen space as our humble home kitchen wasn’t coping with the demand. When we found the space for a commercial kitchen it actually had a shop front as well, so plans have begun to open a home base for our truck, in turn making it easier for our truck to cater to the numbers, as in the past we were always selling out FAST!

Now we can return to home base where our bakers are tirelessly preparing our food to restock the Kai Kart, then we can head out again.

If your Food Truck was a Transformer, its name would be…

Optimus Kai.

Where can we find you over the next few weeks?

Kuraby Markets, Saturdays, 6am-12pm.

Kai Kitchen opens this Saturday 23 August from 10am at 7 Waterway Drive, Coomera (just behind Dreamworld). The Kai Kart will appear at Westfield Chermside Nando’s Car Park for the Food Van Jam on Friday 5 September.

Food Truck Friday is brought to you by Truck Corp! Truck Corp purpose builds commercial vehicles for food service — if you want to get in on the food truck phenomenon with your very own food truck, visit or call (07) 3277 6440. 


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