Food trends come and go and it seems that the latest obsession is burgers.

A handily-packaged meal that incorporates everything you need to feel satisfied, a burger is a reliable and predictable choice — and loved by millions. Burgers pack a flavour punch, are best accompanied by a beer and should be best friends with beer-battered fries.

So what makes the ultimate burger? With so many dining options and delicious choices, the regular burger consumer is spoilt for choice. We narrowed it down to our favourite ten burger joints but trust us, it wasn’t an easy decision.

It goes without saying that every burger venue only made the cut after proving themselves in regards to flavour. Other factors like presentation, store décor, choice of sides, variety of condiments and price are noted and discussed, but cannot take the place of taste.

It’s simple — the combination of meat, bread, salad and sauce is what will make or break a burger. And it is these main components that need to be exceptional for any establishment to be included in our list.

In no particular order, here are Brisbane’s best burgers. Click through the gallery to see them all!