Southpaws rejoice! August 13 marks International Left Handers Day and this year Pony Dining will be helping Brisbane ‘lefties’ to celebrate!

On Wednesday and Thursday (13 and 14 August) this week Pony Dining will be catering for the left-handed.

The restaurant with the modern Australian menu will ‘set for southpaws’ by rearranging the cutlery and table settings to suit left handers — or, as many would argue, setting the table the way it should be!

Pony is also offering a 10% discount for all the 10%-ers.

Bookings are essential. To enjoy a meal the left-handed way this Wednesday and Thursday, call Pony Dining on 3181 3499 and book as a SOUTHPAW!

Right handers don’t need to be shy — they can come along and give eating the left-handed way a try.

Pony Dining is located at 18/45 Eagle St (upper level). It’s closed for lunch on Wednesday 13 August.