Ever dreamed of a career in the kitchen? The Institute Of Culinary Excellence is calling your name.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a chef, or just have an urge to wear a big white hat, enrolling in Brisbane’s Institute Of Culinary Excellence (ICE) is the best way to see if you can stand the heat in the kitchen.

The institute was founded by food educator, chef and author Allsion Taafe and has progressive training colleges located at Coorparoo Secondary College and Palazzo Versace, on the Gold Coast.

Taffe, known as The Sassy Chef, has a background as a leading vocational culinary teacher, is the author of three top selling cooking books, a Winston Churchill Fellow and in June 2014 was recognised and registered by The International Women’s Leadership Association as a woman of outstanding leadership. With ICE Taffe offers culinary career training from some of the best chefs in the industry and in world-class training kitchens.

Alison with students

Alison with students

Apart from kitchen skills, part of the ICE training is to take students offsite to visit local farms, markets, meat works, fish factories and smoke houses, to name a few.  This allows them to experience firsthand the produce – how it’s grown and produced.  ICE already has an impressive client list including the likes of: Palazzo Versace, Aria –Riverbar, Urbane, Bucci, Public, Restaurant II, Gerard’s Bistro, and many more top class establishments.

“This industry has had a lot of attention recently, with shows like Masterchef being so popular,” Taffe says. “But for us the excitement of this industry has always been there, we’ve always been here doing what we’re doing.

“Some people are drawn to this industry because they feel that it’s glamorous, but it’s a lot of hard work and you need to have a passion for it. I always wanted a career that would allow me to travel; as a chef I can work in any country in the world without knowing the language.”

ICE also offers a Registered Trade Skilling Pathways program in partnership with Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) and the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE).

For more information visit www.alisontaafe.com.au/school/professional-cooks.