If you’re planning a romantic interlude, we’ve found a range of delicious venues that are sure to light a spark.

The stakes are high in the competitive world of romance, and unfortunately the smallest misstep can make a date go from fireworks to fizzer.

If we’re being honest, location is the first hurdle you have to conquer when it comes to planning the perfect romantic moment. The wrong restaurant or venue has the power to make or break your date.

Whether it’s noisy fellow patrons, an unappetizing menu or an awkward location there’s a myriad of problems you face when choosing the venue for a special meetup.

However, true love is on the way to you as the bmag cupids have banded together to compile Brisbane’s top ten romantic restaurants.

Click through the gallery to see the places that will set your heart a flutter.

Which Brisbane restaurants do you think are the most romantic?