Ladies, it’s time to pull out your frocks, put on some lippie and head to the Treasury Heritage Hotel for High Tea.

Executive Chef of Treasury Casino & Hotel Steven Jones has drawn on his experience from years working in five star establishments in London to create a high tea that would impress royalty or maybe those who just want to feel a little royal.

It’s the perfect opportunity to act like a queen or princess and release your inner Duchess of Bedford, the woman credited with creating the afternoon teatime tradition.

I took tea with Executive Chef, Steven Jones and asked him the tough questions about this decadent institution.

What are the absolute essentials for high tea?

Good quality tea and a nice balance of savoury and sweet offerings. Not to mention the company you enjoy it with. This is very important.

What is the difference between high tea and afternoon tea?

High Tea is a meal in its own right or an extra dining experience before a late dinner. A high tea consists of scones, small pastries like choux pastry, meille feuille, tartlets, and sponge base cakes such as a Victoria sponge or opera slice. A High Tea also includes savoury options such as quiche or sandwiches – perhaps four to six varieties including smoked fish or meats, roasted meats, and various cheeses. A High Tea is traditionally upmarket and is quite a filling experience.

A High Tea varies slightly to an Afternoon Tea in that Afternoon Tea is more of a snack. Afternoon Tea fills the gap between lunch and dinner and often consists of a drink and a light sandwich and a small cake.  It’s really only used if one is peckish or looking for something small to tide over between meals.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen at a high tea? 

There was one time I was at a high tea and witnessed quite an interesting expression on a lady’s face when she saw the huge size of the cakes that were served! The servings of the cakes were much larger than expected for a High Tea sitting, which some might also quite like, but typically the dainty cakes go down much better and you get to sample quite a few in total.

How important is etiquette at a high tea? Are there some rules/tips that guests could brush up on for fun before attending?

The most important advice I can offer is simply just to relax.  Take your time. There is etiquette to the way you are meant to enjoy High Tea however I believe that High Tea is about savouring the moment – the food, the company, the surrounds. Also, be sure you try the different teas. The selection we have found for our Heritage High Tea offering is quite spectacular.  I think the whole ambience and charm of Treasury will be very much appreciated.

Where would you recommend for high tea in London?

In London, high tea is an excellent experience at all the well-known old five star hotels. My favourite is the Dorchester on Hyde Park corner.

The Treasury Heritage afternoon high tea is served in the sunlit surrounds of the lab bar + restaurant with choice of bottomless La Maison Du Thé French handcrafted teas.

High tea is available on Saturdays and Sundays between 2pm and 3.30pm at a cost of $45 per person and $25 per child. Call 1800 506 889 for bookings.