If the thought of authentic, handmade Asian delicacies makes you hungry, you need to pay a visit to the Valley’s Fat Dumpling.

Brisbane City has its fair share of Yum Cha houses and dumpling dens, but locals have been recently flocking to a dim-lit spot along Brunswick St.

Situated besides Reverends Fine Coffee, the Wang family have kept the original exposed brick walls and filled the space with traditional décor, dark wooden tables and dim Edison bulbs overhead.

Each day the family can be found in the kitchen, hand-cutting the dumpling cases and filling them with flavours such as prawn and garlic chives, pork and Chinese cabbage or chicken and asparagus. From there the dumplings are either poached, steamed or pan fried and served hot in bamboo baskets, ready to burst with flavour from the first morsel.

Guests can also enjoy the Shanghai special pork xiao long bao, steamed dumplings served with hot broth, succulent shallot pancakes, a variety of salads and skewers, as well as sumptuous peach spring rolls served with vanilla bean ice-cream.

Fat Dumpling’s thirst-quenchers include Chinese beer (be sure to try Tsingtao or Sapporo), Australian wines, White Rabbit ale and traditional tea served in ornate pottery teapots.

Slink into this Brunswick Street den, splash the soy sauce generously and enjoy Fat Dumpling’s delicacies.

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