This new deli cafe and epicerie on Latrobe Terrace proves Paddington has plenty of fine food options.

It’s been a chocolate shop, a general store and much more over its long history, but now the last two corner shops at the front of the Paddington Antique Centre have been morphed into Paddington Deli & Epicerie.

What’s an epicerie you may ask? It’s French for grocery or speciality food store and that’s a perfect description for what you’ll find inside this shop. With stripped back brick walls revealed and antiques at every glance, this deli is a delight to the eyes and taste buds.

It’s Antoinette Pease’s dream come true.  An escapee from nine to five corporate life, Antoinette has returned to her family’s roots with the deli and is revelling in the opportunity to immerse herself in food. This is the place to go to find fine cheeses, beautifully smooth balsamics, take away salads, small goods and the special treats that make all the difference to any meal.

With one side of the shop filled with delectable goodies, the other side is fashioned more around eating with tables and bench seating for cafe style meals.  Check the daily boards for what’s on offer but you can be sure it incorporates some of the fine produce from the shelves. It’s also a great stop for locals looking for their daily bread and milk with a selection of staples available.

Continuing the tradition of fresh flowers established by previous tenant Monty’s Chocolates, you’ll also be able to pick up a bunch of your favourite blooms.

The Paddington Antique Centre began life in 1929 as The Plaza Theatre and has been an antique centre since 1985. The shops that line the street offer an afternoon of browsing everything from decorator items and designer clothes to a whole world of yesteryear.

Find Paddington Deli and Epicerie at at 153 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.