Slick and modern, the décor of Vintaged Bar + Grill at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel is definitely part of the dining experience. If you can drag your eyes away from the pink rock salt backed dry aged meat cabinet, you’ll be rewarded with a menu studded with finely-tuned favourites from Executive Chef Jeremy Clark.

Tasty Bites asked Jeremy Clark what inspires him in the Vintaged kitchen and extracted his much requested recipe for potato puree.  It’s certainly not diet food but there’s nothing quite like it with a great steak. (There’s tips on how to cook the perfect steak, too.)

Jeremy takes five with Tasty Bites.

What inspired you to become a chef?

I was raised in country England with organic, natural ingredients in the garden. I used to like walking around the garden with my mother, picking fresh vegetables and fruit and cooking in the kitchen.

As I got older I wanted to relive the memories of my youth, cooking with my mum in the kitchen. I feel cooking is my hobby but I thought I should earn a living from doing what I enjoy most!

What do you most like and most hate about cooking?

Like – cooking is a creative outlet which allows me to manipulate ingredients and recreate them in various forms for the customer’s enjoyment.

Dislike – the strain that something you love can have on your home social life!

What’s your favourite meal at home?

Steak and kidney pie, just like my mum used to make with the lightest and shortest of pastry!

Where did the inspiration for your new winter menu come from?

I talk with the various local suppliers and translate that into a food that evokes emotions with our returning clientele. It always remains true to the Vintaged DNA – local produce that is simply prepared.

Who would you most like to cook for?

Pope Francis would be an incredible experience.

Thanks, Jeremy!  One of my favourite dishes on the Vintaged menu is the Vintaged Grill Rib Eye which comes with the most delectable potato puree.  Here are Jeremy’s tips on recreating the dish at home

How to cook the perfect steak

The number one rule at home is to have a very hot pan or barbecue and always season your meat. For medium rare, we sear the steak up to 4 minutes both sides, the real key to a perfect steak is to rest it for up to 15 minutes to relax the tissues in the meat to maintain its tenderness. Secondary cuts can be grilled but a longer resting time say five minutes longer is required.

What is the ideal steak?

The ideal steak is medium rare, making sure it is well rested prior to consumption. All our steaks are char-grilled on the custom-designed grill; the grill seals the flavours of the meat, keeping it juicy and tender.

Vintaged potato puree

Makes up to 10 portions

The Vintaged potato puree is one of the most sought after recipes guests ask for – if there is a standout side dish this one is it!

•           1.5kg cook whole Desiree potatoes on rock salt in an oven at 180 degrees for 50 minutes (approximately) cook until soft

•           In a separate pot put 100grams of butter, 180mls of cream and bring slowly to a simmer – be careful not to burn the bottom of the pot

•           Once potatoes are cooked and still hot, being careful not to burn yourself!

•           Cut in half and scoop out the centres, pass through a drum sieve until smooth

•           Slowly add the simmered butter and cream, stirring consistently until incorporated

•           Season with salt and white pepper

Note – when the skins have cooled, they are great as a snack when fried!